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Soybean Research Verification Program Update for June 12, 2015
Author: Chris Grimes, Program Associate - Soybean/Wheat Verification Coordinator
General The northern half of the state has made great strides in getting soybeans planted this week. We were able to get three verification fields planted and hopefully the remainder will be planted over the weekend or early next week. The verification fields that have been planted vary from VE to R3 growth stages. Irrigation has either started or is scheduled on a couple of fields in the southern part of the state. Insect and disease pressure are not an issue at this time. Please refer to information in table for field specifics.
County Variety Stage General Information
Arkansas Asgrow 4632 RR/STS R1


Scattered grass and broadleaves. Recommended 1.5 pts Flexstar plus glyphosate then irrigate.
Chicot Asgrow 4632 RR/STS R2 Still clean, starting to grow rapidly. Should receive irrigation if no rain this weekend.
Clay Armor 46R42 VE Field was planted on 6/5. Applied 2oz/A Zidua plus 1oz/A Valor preemergence. It appears that we will get a good stand and stand counts will be taken next week. Recommended 26oz/A Roundup PowerMax for escaped grass & broadleaves.
Desha P47T36 RR R2 Field received 1 qt Prefix plus 22 oz RoundUp PowerMax followed by irrigation on 6-10-15.
Drew -1 UA 5612 V7


Field really took off this week. Fairly clean. Recommended 1 quart Prefix or 1.5 pts Flexstar.
Drew -2 Pio 54T94R V3 Sprayed last week with Dual and RoundUp PowerMax. Clean.
Jefferson DeltaGrow 4990 LL V5 32 oz Liberty plus 1 pt Dual applied last week did good job of cleaning up. Need rain this weekend for activation of metolachlor or irrigated next week.
Lee Asgrow 4232 RR/STS R2 Received .27” rain. Almost lapped, clean. Should receive irrigation soon.
Lincoln NK 47-K5 R3 Field slow to lap middles so post-directed 22 oz RoundUp PowerMax plus 2 oz Zidua followed by irrigation on 6-9-15.
Phillips Asgrow 4632 RR/STS R2 Received 1.4” rain. 1.5 pts Flexstar plus 22 oz RoundUp PowerMax applied last week and activated from weekend rain.
Randolph NK S52-Y2 VC Field was planted on 6/3. Applied 2oz/A Valor after planting. Field was up to a good stand on 6/9. Stand counts will be taken next week.
White Halo 4:95 LL VE Field was planted on 6/6. Applied 16oz/A Generic Dual after planting. Plants were emerging on 6/10. We will take stand counts next week.

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