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Arkansas Corn and Grain Sorghum Weekly Update – June 5, 2015
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

Corn and Grain Sorghum Update – Dr. Jason Kelley (Wheat and Feed Grains Specialist)

Corn fields are looking better in general, but many still show signs of too much water earlier in the season with a lot of growth variability within a field.  The earliest planted corn in south Arkansas is beginning to tassel while parts of Northeast Arkansas are still trying to get sidedress nitrogen out.  Corn is now rapidly growing and will begin to use a considerable amount of water over the next few weeks.  The increased plant water usage combined with warm temperatures has many producers getting irrigation systems ready to begin irrigating soon.  If rain does not occur this coming week, many will begin irrigating corn soon.

Grain sorghum planting is estimated to be 91% complete compared to 95% last year and 97% for the 5-year average.  Planting is almost complete with some late replanting occurring due to poor stands from earlier plantings or because of glyphosate drift on initial planting.  Growth stages range considerably across the state with some of the earliest planted in far south Arkansas that is not far from heading to only 3-4 leaf stage in some later planted fields in central Arkansas.

Corn and Grain Sorghum Research Verification – Kevin Lawson (Corn & GS Verification Coordinator)

Sunshine and warmer, drier weather is what all of the verification fields have needed.  Most of the fields have really responded to that combination these last few days.  Irrigation should start on the earlier planted corn verification fields early next week if no significant rain falls.  Pre-tassel applications of nitrogen are recommended for St Francis and Lee Counties.

The two grain sorghum verification fields have received herbicide and sidedress nitrogen.  The field in Jefferson County has some glyphosate drift and will have to be watched to see how severe the damage is.

June 5 corn update

June 5 gs update

Southeast Arkansas Update – Wes Kirkpatrick (Desha County)

Poly pipe is being laid, if not already in place on corn and grain sorghum.  Pre-tassel nitrogen is being applied to corn. Some tassels are showing on earlier planted corn.  Irrigation will likely begin early next week.

Central Arkansas Update – Anthony Whittington (Jefferson County)

I am seeing some sidedress and pre-tassel nitrogen applications going out on some of the dryer ground. Corn and grain sorghum is starting to look good throughout most of the county. It’s nice to see the sun come out for a change.

Northeast Arkansas Update – Stewart Runsick (Clay County)

Corn is being plowed and nitrogen applied. Late applications of herbicides are going out to clean up the fields one last time. It won’t be long till time to irrigate but nothing has been watered yet.

River Valley Update – Hank Chaney (Faulkner County)

Excess soil moisture and flooding has been the norm for corn and grain sorghum production in the River Valley. For those fields that still have a stand, nitrogen is being applied as soil conditions have dried enough to allow producers an opportunity to apply the remaining units. Fields have stunted and large plants throughout which will have an impact on harvest and yield.  Crazy top could be a potential problem for those plants that have been submerged but have survived.  There are several weed escapes as well.  Several acres of corn and grain sorghum have been submerged by relentless flooding.  Hopefully, producers will have enough time to get the water off their fields so they can plant soybeans.

Heat Units

It was another week with a few days of cooler temperatures resulting in a week of lower heat units than the 30 year average.  When the year started the whole state was ahead of the 30 year average, but after a few weeks the gap is slowly closing.

June 5 gdd

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