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Soybean research verification program update for May 29, 2015
Author: Chris Grimes, Program Associate - Soybean/Wheat Verification Coordinator
General The continued rainfall across the state has kept the fieldwork to a minimum this week. As a result of that we haven’t had any more verification fields planted this week. The fields that have been planted are off to a good start and progressing well. We have four fields that are at full bloom (R2). Insect and disease pressure are not an issue at this time. Please refer to information in table for field specifics.
County Variety Stage General Information
Arkansas Asgrow 4632 RR/STS V3


Received 1.25” rain. Clean. Recommended 1 pt Dual.
Chicot Asgrow 4632 RR/STS R2 Received 2.5” rain. Clean
Desha P47T36 RR V4 Received 1.7” rain. Did not get middles plowed and sprayed. Recommended plowing middles then spraying 1.5 pts Flexstar plus glyphosate.
Drew -1 UA 5612 V3


Received 2” rain. Recommended 1 pt metolachlor. Clean.
Jefferson DeltaGrow 4990 LL V3 Received 1” rain. Recommended 32 oz Liberty plus 1 pint Dual. Few broadleaf weeds emerged.
Lee Asgrow 4232 RR/STS R2 Received 1.35” rain. Field looking good. Clean
Lincoln NK 47-K5 R2 Received .4” rain. Very few morning glories starting to emerge.
Phillips Asgrow 4632 RR/STS R2 Received 1.4” rain. Few morning glories emerging.

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