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Rice Research Verification Program Update – May 15, 2015
Author: Jarrod Hardke, Rice Extension Agronomist

South Arkansas: Three fields Chicot, Desha and Arkansas Counties have received N-STaR fertilizer applications and are being flooded. The Jefferson County field is cracking and all other fields are from 4 leaves to tillering stage. A low uneven hybrid stand (1 leaf – tillering) in Chicot County made it difficult for management decisions. Pre-emergence herbicides residuals in some fields lasted 4-6 weeks and weeds are now breaking. Post-emergence herbicide recommendations are going out.

North Arkansas: Growth stages in the eight verification fields range from early spiking to 4 leaf. Although seedling disease occurred in Cross and Mississippi Counties, stand counts remain well within numbers needed for maximum yield potential and seedling rice across the area has a much healthier appearance this week. Pre-emergence herbicides are breaking in some of the fields making post-emergence treatments necessary.

South Arkansas
StageGeneral Information & Application
(Rates listed per acre)
ArkansasCL XL7453/30/15Early-TillerPre-plant fertilizer applied:
22 lbs/acre0-30-90-10
CruiserMaxx Rice
4/13/15Herbicides applied at planting:
6.4 plants ft211 oz. Command + 3.2 oz. League
Post-emergence herbicides:
32 oz. Facet L + 0.75 oz. Permit Plus
+ 1 pt. COC
Applied N-STaR 200 lbs. urea + NBPT
Start permanent flood
AshleyCL XL7454/8/154-leafHerbicides applied at planting:
Drill1 pt. Command
CruiserMaxx Rice
26 lbs/acrePost-emergence herbicide recommendation:
4/19/154 oz. Newpath + 1 oz. Aim
7.6 plants ft2
ChicotCL XL7454/3/151 leaf -TilleringPre-plant fertilizer applied:
33 lbs/acre0-60-0-0
CruiserMaxx Rice
4/18/15Herbicides applied at planting:
2.5 plants ft21.5 pt. Glyphosate + 24 oz. Command
+ 3.2 oz. League
Applied N-STaR 250 lbs. urea + NBPT
Start permanent flood
DeshaJupiter3/31/15TilleringPre-plant fertilizer applied:
70 lbs/acre0-0-90-10
CruiserMaxx Rice
4/14/15Herbicides applied at planting:
18 plants ft211 oz. Command + 3.2 oz. League
Post-emergence herbicides:
1 oz. Permit + 1 % surfactant
Apply N-STaR 270 lbs. urea +NBPT
Start permanent flood
JeffersonRoy J5/6/15CrackingHerbicides applied at planting:
Drill32 oz. Touchdown.
65 lbs/acre
CruiserMaxx + ZincPre-emergence herbicides:
1 pt. Command + 3.2 oz. League
+ 1 qt. Touchdown + 1 oz. Permit
LeeLaKast4/8/15Early-tilleringPre-plant fertilizer applied:
BroadcastN - P- K- S- Zn
75 lbs/acre12-40-75-10-1
CruiserMaxx Rice +Zinc
4/28/15Herbicides applied at planting:
17 plants ft22 pt. Glyphosate + 11 oz. Command
+ 2 oz. Sharpen
LonokeCL1514/11/154 leafHerbicides applied at planting:
Drill16 oz. Command + 3.2 oz. League
65 lbs/acre+ 1 qt. Glyphosate
CruiserMaxx + Zinc
16 plants ft2
PhillipsLaKast4/17/154-leafHerbicides applied at planting:
Drill1 qt. Glyphosate + 11 oz. Command +
72 lbs/acre3.2 oz. League
CruizerMaxx + Zinc
4/24/15Post-emergence herbicides:
16 plants ft24 qt. RiceBeaux + 32 oz. Facet L
MonroeJupiter4/6/15TilleringHerbicides applied at planting:
Drill11 oz. Command + 3.2 oz. League
70 lbs/acre
Apron MaxxPost-emergence herbicides:
4/28/154 qt. RiceBeaux + 32 oz. Facet L
21 plants ft2
North Arkansas
StageGeneral Information & Application
(Rates listed per acre)
CL2714/29/151-2 leafHerbicides applied at planting:
ClayDrill12.8 oz. Command + 32 oz. Glyphosate
65 lbs/acre
CruiserMaxx RicePost-emergence herbicides:
5/12/150.5 lb. Clearpath
CrossRoy J4/8/153-4 leafPre-plant fertilizer applied:
BroadcastN-P- K-Zn
86 lbs/acre0-40-60-2
CruiserMaxx Rice
4/16/15Herbicides applied at planting:
21 plants ft212.8 oz. Command
Post-emergence herbicides:
0.33 lb. Facet + 3 qt. propanil
IndependenceJupiter4/8/153-4 leafPre-plant fertilizer applied:
70 lbs/acre0-46-96
CruiserMaxx Rice + Release
4/21/15Herbicides applied at planting:
20 plants ft211 oz. Command
LawrenceMermentau4/28/15Sprouting (bottom 1/3) to 2-leaf (upper 2/3)Pre-plant fertilizer applied:
DrillN-P- K-S-Zn
80 lbs/acre0-21-24-2-4
Herbicides applied at planting:
12.8 oz. Command + 48 oz. glyphosate
MississippiJupiter4/2/154-leafHerbicides applied delayed pre-emerge:
Drill2 pt. Prowl H20 + 32 oz. Facet L
90 lbs/acre+ 22 oz. RoundupWeatherMax
16 plants ft2
RandolphXL7535/6/15EmergedPre-plant fertilizer applied:
DrillN-P- K
22 lbs/acre0-46-120
CruiserMaxx Rice
5/15/15Herbicides applied at planting:
12.8 oz. Command
St FrancisLaKast4/6/154-leafPre-plant fertilizer applied:
DrillN-P- K
70 lbs/acre0-47-77
Apron Maxx
4/15/15Herbicides applied at planting:
26 plants ft212.8 oz. Command + 3.2 oz. League
Post-emergence herbicides (spot spraying):
3 qt. propanil
WhiteXL7535/7/15EmergedPre-plant fertilizer applied:
DrillN-P- K-S-Zn
22 lbs/acre0-30-90-0-10
RiceTec Standard
5/15/15Herbicides applied delayed pre-emerge
2.1 pt. Prowl H20

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