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Updated mobile app for crop enterprise budgets
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

The mobile app for the 2015 Crop Enterprise Budgets has been updated to the latest iOS version for iPhone and iPad. Users select from among the available budgets and may evaluate costs and returns at alternative prices received and crop yields. The mobile app is flexible for revising per acre costs of production inputs. Combinations of crops may be selected and acreage for each crop can be entered to determine total production expenses. Production expenses in the mobile app correspond to typical amounts borrowed by growers to produce a crop. Once budgets are selected in the mobile app, they are retained for later usage until deleted. Financial results can be emailed or sent by text message with the mobile app. The mobile app can be found in the Apple App Store as Arkansas CE Budgets. Development of the crop enterprise budget mobile app is led by Dr. Dharmendra Saraswat and is part of the Division of Agriculture’s efforts to extend its programs to usage on mobile devices.

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