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Sugarcane aphid update
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

We found sugarcane aphids on April 16 in Chicot County in johnsongrass. While there were few aphids present (we found 2 small nymphs after looking through johnsongrass for ~1.5 hours), this is the first confirmed report of sugarcane aphids in Arkansas for 2015.

What does this mean? For now, it is just one more reason to stay vigilant for this pest in grain sorghum. The densities we observed were very small. That being said, we learned last year how rapidly a small population of sugarcane aphids can expand. We expect insecticide seed treatments to provide some protection for seedling plants, but regular scouting of your sorghum fields is still essential. Be on the lookout for further updates as the sugarcane aphid situation develops in 2015.

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