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RFD TV features Rice Research Verification Program’s successes
Author: Kim Rowe, Program Associate

Recently, a segment highlighting the successful Arkansas Rice Research Verification Program was featured on RFD TV, rural America’s television network.  Ralph Mazzanti, the program’s coordinator spoke about the program’s mission, function, and future for Arkansas’ rice farmers and the recent success of the program last growing season in Chicot County.

The segment on RFD TV can be viewed here:

2014 was a record-setting year for the Rice Research Verification Program with a 252 bushel per acre yield being achieved in Chicot County on a 60-acre precision-leveled field farmed by Johnny and Linda Smith.

This field was planted with RiceTec XL753 on April 21 and harvested on August 28.  The production cost of this field was under $600 an acre, which gave a return to operating expenses of more than $800 per acre.  Using herbicides with multiple modes of action, and receiving timely rainfalls to activate each application certainly played an important role in keeping the production cost low, and fortunately, no insect pests or diseases reached economic threshold levels.  The RRVP’s intensive scouting regimen serves to save on pesticide cost, reducing the temptation to spray when there is no need. The herbicide cost for this field was only $54 per acre–$22 per acre less than the average field in the program in 2014.

The Rice Research Verification Program is an on-farm demonstration of all the research-based recommendations developed by the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture for the purpose of increasing the profitability of rice production in Arkansas – the nation’s top rice-producing state. The Arkansas Rice Research Verification Program has been operating in the state for 32 years.

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