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Transform WG approved for sugarcane aphid control in grain sorghum under Section 18
Author: Gus Lorenz, Extension Entomologist

The Arkansas State Plant Board has received authorization for use of Transform WG (sulfoxaflor) insecticide for sugarcane aphid control in grain sorghum under the Section 18 emergency exemption.  Take note of these important points:

  • A report of each application must be made to the Plant Board within 10 days of application
  • The exemption expires October 31, 2015
  • Rate range will be 0.75-1.5 oz/ A
  • Our data suggests sticking with the 1.0 or 1.5 oz rates
  • You can make 3 applications at 1.0 oz or 2 applications at 1.5 oz, but you cannot exceed the total use rate of 3.0 oz/ acre/ year
  • If populations are high, you should consider the highest rate of 1.5 oz/ acre
  • Transform is toxic to bees and should not be applied while bees are actively foraging
  • The threshold is 50 aphids per leaf on 25% of plants
  • Do not apply within 14 days of grain or straw harvest or within 7 days of grazing or forage, fodder or hay harvest
  • The restricted entry interval (REI) of 24 hours must be observed
  • Minimum treatment interval between applications is 14 days apart
  • You should keep a copy of the label with you when making applications
  • Refer to the label for all pertinent information. Remember — the label is the law!

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