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Arkansas Rice Update 1-14-15
Author: Jarrod Hardke, Rice Extension Agronomist

January 14, 2015                         No. 2015-2

Dr. Jarrod Hardke

Final USDA Numbers

As mentioned in the last update, the final USDA reports for 2014 were released this week.  For the 2014 season Arkansas accounts for over 50% of the total U.S. rice acreage and total production.  Only digging through numbers back to 2003, this is the first time Arkansas has surpassed that 50% mark (maybe ever, but the digging hasn’t gone that deep yet).


Table 1. Rice area harvested 2012-2014.

State 2012 2013 2014
Arkansas 1,285,000 1,070,000 1,480,000
California 557,000 562,000 431,000
Louisiana 397,000 413,000 458,000
Mississippi 129,000 124,000 190,000
Missouri 177,000 156,000 213,000
Texas 134,000 144,000 147,000
All Rice 2,679,000 2,469,000 2,919,000


Table 2.  Rice yield (bu/A) 2012-2014.

State 2012 2013 2014
Arkansas 166 168 168
California 181 188 191
Louisiana 143 162 158
Mississippi 160 164 165
Missouri 155 156 152
Texas 186 172 163
All Rice 166 171 168


Table 3. Arkansas harvest acreage 2012-2014.

State 2012 2013 2014
Long 1,170,000 950,000 1,265,000
Medium 114,000 119,000 214,000
All Rice 1,285,000 1,070,000 1,480,000


More on Caffey, Questions on CL271, CL163

After announcing last week that Caffey did not meet requirements for Kellogg’s, the next questions to hit are about CL271.  First, while this announcement was a hit to Caffey, there will still be markets where this variety is accepted.  Check around to see where you can go with Caffey if you want to grow some of it.

CL271, a new Clearfield medium-grain variety, looks promising, but there is currently no decision (for/against) any use.  Hopefully any of those decisions will happen in the near future, but right now there is no word.  The limited acreage that may be planted shouldn’t have any difficulty finding a place to go for the same reasons mentioned for Caffey.

For CL163, a new Clearfield long-grain variety, seed availability will be limited in this first year of widespread release.  This variety has a higher amylose content than our typical southern U.S. long-grain cultivars which may help to increase demand for it in some markets.  However, as the first ‘Newrex’ type Clearfield variety (known for processing quality), its other characteristics make it well suited to be grown in general and it should be fine mixed in with other long-grain varieties.


2015 Rice Quick Facts

The 2015 Arkansas Rice Quick Facts is now available online and laminated copies can be picked up at your local county Extension office.  This one-page front and back fact sheet provides quick-reference information for basic rice production practices including seeding, fertility, and pest management.


Additional Information

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