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Plan Early for Rice Disease Management
Author: Yeshi Wamishe, Extension Rice Plant Pathologist

Diseases are limiting factors for crop production.  No field is free of diseases.  It is hard to predict the weather conditions of the coming season.  The way we manage our rice fields plays a major role in our disease situations.  If weather conditions are favorable for disease and our field management is somehow inadequate, the chance of having one or more types of disease will be likely.  Disease management starts with picking the right cultivar for your field.  If you plant the correct cultivar in each field based on known field problems, then manage the fields effectively, the entire farm will have greater production potential with reduced risk.  Select your cultivar based on the best overall fit for each field to reduce risk and increase your chance of success.


Rice Cultivar Reactions to Disease and Lodging, 2014

Rice Cultivar Reactions to Diseases and Lodging, 2014.

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