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Arkansas Corn and Grain Sorghum Weekly Update – September 19, 2014
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

Corn and Grain Sorghum Research Verification – Kevin Lawson (Corn & GS Verification Coordinator) 

The Lee County corn verification field was harvested on September 13. The field was DeKalb DKC 66-87 and yielded 202.5 bushels per acre.  The Clay County corn field was replanted on May 7 and as of Monday September 15 the grain was at 24% moisture.  The Jefferson County field is in the process of harvest while harvest of the other fields is still being delayed by the weather.

The state is at 59% harvested at this point compared to the five year average of 78%. The average harvest date for the corn verification program is August 30 over the last five years (2009 – 2013).  2014 is definitely going to be later than that.

Southeast Arkansas Update – Wes Kirkpatrick (Desha County) & Kevin Norton (Ashley County)

Desha County – There is still some corn in the field, but the grain moisture seems to be staying above 16%, so many growers have pulled out of the corn and turned to harvesting soybeans. They will probably get back into the corn late this week.

Ashley County – Corn harvest is nearing completion. Yields are ranging from 170 – 260 bushels per acre with an average of approximately 200 bushels per acre.

Northeast Arkansas Update – Herb Ginn (Lawrence County) & Branon Thiesse (Craighead County)

Craighead County – Corn harvest is continuing with yields holding steady in the 250 – 260 bushel per acre range. Rain Wednesday and Thursday temporarily halted harvest. Grain sorghum yields are average. We should get back in the field Saturday if rain moves out Thursday night.

Lawrence County – Corn harvest is currently at a complete stop due to the rain and there are still a lot of fields with corn yet to be harvested. Grain sorghum continues to slowly mature and little to no additional harvest has occurred since last week. 

River Valley Update – Kevin VanPelt (Conway County) & Hank Chaney (Faulkner County) 

With the showers and high humidity this week, corn in the field hasn’t dried down much. The producers that have enough bin space should be finishing up this week with their corn harvest; some are only about half way through. The yields have been running about 200 bushels per acre, but where fields didn’t have good drainage producers are seeing at least a 20 bushels per acre yield reduction probably due to the excessive rainfall we had earlier in the growing season. 

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