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Arkansas Rice Update 9-5-14
Author: Jarrod Hardke, Rice Extension Agronomist

September 5, 2014                     No. 2014-26

Dr. Jarrod Hardke

Crop Progress

Harvest seems to be a roar in some places and a whimper in others.  Combines are in the field wherever you go, but progress is up and down by location in the state.  Some places have trucks piling up, while others are just really getting started.  Grain moisture doesn’t seem to be falling out, but with continued high humidity, dew, and even fog, drying is difficult these days.

Test weights remain very high and hopefully milling reports will also continue to be very good.  However, yield reports are a roller coaster.  On a lot of early-planted rice I’m hearing (and seeing on the combines) yields that are 30 bushels below expectations.  Certainly last year set a really high bar for many, but I’m referring to yields that far below growers year-over-year averages.  It’s not all bad news though, in some areas where they’re beginning to harvest rice planted a little later (mid-April) some impressive yield numbers are popping up in the 240-250 range.  Both low and high yield reports mentioned range across all cultivars.  Nothing in particular is falling or jumping to the top, at least not at this point.

Hurry up and wait may be the motto over the next week.  Weekend rains are forecast for much of the state.  Then we may get a break for a couple of days before more rain chances fall in toward the middle of next week.  Light showers may just shorten the number of hours we can spend cutting in a day, but anything heavy may increase concerns about rutting up fields.  Certain areas of the state are currently dealing with that.

Table 1.  Percent of rice acres set to reach harvest moisture during listed weeks of 2014 according to DD50 enrollment.

2014-26 Table 1

Out Standing in Your Field

Rice stink bugs can be found and some fields are being treated for threshold levels.  Continue to monitor late fields as they seem to be falling into those like usual.

Be careful salting fields with all of the sporadic rain chances in the forecast.  There’s definitely a desire to get the crop dried down and get it out with cool weather looming in the long-term forecast, but harvest aids are useful only when used in the right situations.  Those situations are when you can make an application and get the crop out in a pretty short window.  Grain moisture can fall 5% in just a handful of days after an application.

A short update this week, but when you don’t have much to say, there’s no use taking a lot of time saying it.

Picture 1.  Yields up or down, the combines are running.

Picture 1. Yields up or down, the combines are running.

Picture 2.  Trucks are piling up in places to deliver rice.

Picture 2. Trucks are piling up in places to deliver rice.

Additional Information

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