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Soybean research verification program update for August 15, 2014
Author: Chris Grimes, Program Associate - Soybean/Wheat Verification Coordinator

Rainfall was more abundant across the southern SRVP fields this week. Irrigation continues to be top priority at this point in the program and we have terminated irrigation a few fields. Overall, insect and disease pressure was light in the verification fields this week; however we did reach treatment level for frogeye in the Prairie County field.

County Variety Stage General Information
Arkansas Asgrow 5233 RR/ STS R5


Received 1.75” rain. Clean of insects. New leaves still clean of Frogeye. Field is looking very good.
Clark NK

S48-F8 RR

R5 Received 1.8” rain. Belt application cleaned up bollworms. Free of insects and disease. Looks good.
Clay Halo 5:26 LL  


Field received no rainfall since last visit. Field was irrigated on 8-11. No insect or disease pressure this week. Field continues to grow well.
Cross Progeny 4211 RR R6.5 No rain since last visit. Applied last irrigation on 8-11. Insect & disease pressure remain low. Field looks promising.
Desha Armor

DK 4744 RR

R7 Received 2.0” rain. Drying down and shedding petioles and leaves. Free of stink bugs.
Jefferson Delta Grow


R4 Received 2.8” rain. Running 1 bollworm/25 sweeps. Looking better.
Lawrence – Rice Asgrow 4232 RR R5


No rainfall since last visit. Insect & disease pressure was light this week. Field was irrigated again on 8-9.
Lawrence – Wright Leland R5


Field received 0.35” rain since last visit. No insect or disease pressure this week.
Lafayette Pioneer

94Y80 RR

R6 Drying down and shedding petioles and leaves. Clean of stink bugs.
Lee Asgrow

4632 RR/STS

R3 Received 2.6” rain. Spotty morning glories and teaweed. Recommended 22 oz RoundUp PowerMax or equivalent. Irrigate over weekend.
Phillips-1 Osage R5 Received 1.7” rain. Older beans showing what looks like anthracnose on pods in top of the plant in nematode stressed areas. Irrigate older beans over the weekend. Younger beans still have plenty of moisture. Entire field clean of insects.
Phillips-2 Asgrow 4632 RR/STS


R5 Received 1.4“rain. Running 5 stink bugs/25 sweeps. Probably one more irrigation next week to finish them out.
Prairie Pioneer 95Y40 RR R5 We got 0.7” of rain on field since last week. Good soil moisture from last irrigation & rain. Insect pressure remains low, but frogeye was present this week. Recommended a fungicide for control.
Randolph Asgrow RR


R3 No rain since last week. Insect pressure has increased, but below threshold and no disease pressure.
St. Francis TV 49L29 LL R5.5 Field received no rainfall since last week. Field received 1.25” from irrigation on 8-9. No insect or disease pressure this week.
White NK S49-F8 RR R5 Field received 0.9” rain since last week. Field continues to progress well and looks good. Insect & disease pressure was low this week.

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