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Soybean research verification program weekly update – July 18, 2014
Author: Chris Grimes, Program Associate - Soybean/Wheat Verification Coordinator

Rainfall was more abundant in the southern part of the state this week. All but three of the fields in the program have reached the reproductive stage and are enjoying the mild conditions this week. Irrigation will be top priority from this point forward due to growth stage and moisture requirements. Most of the fields have been cleaned up and we are trying to get them setup for irrigation. Insect and disease pressure were light in the verification fields this week, except for Randolph.

County Variety Stage General Information
Arkansas Asgrow 5233 RR/ STS R2


Received .9” rain. Starting to really grow, almost lapped middles. Little grass and few morning glories. No insects or disease.
Clark NK

S48-F8 RR

R2 1 quart glyphosate sprayed on 7-14-14. Starting to really grow. No insects or disease.
Clay Halo 5:26 LL  


Field received 0.22” rainfall since last visit. Got the polypipe rolled out and ready for irrigation. No insect or disease pressure this week. Field continues to grow well.
Cross Progeny 4211 RR R5 The field received 1.12” rain since last visit. The insecticide did a good job on the stinkbugs and the fungicide appears to have stopped the cercospra. We picked up SDS on a few plants this week. Field looks promising.
Desha Armor

DK 4744 RR

R5 Received 1.8” rain. Brigade and Stratego YLD are working. Field continues to look excellent.
Jefferson Delta Grow


R2 Received .85” rain. Grass, morning glories, and teaweed on lower part of field. Starting to grow, closer to lapping middles. Recommended 30 oz Liberty when possible. No insects or disease.
Lawrence – Rice Asgrow 4232 RR R2


Field received 0.45” of rainfall since last visit. Poilypipe has been rolled out and we are ready to irrigate when necessary. Field looks good and continues to move forward.
Lawrence – Wright Leland R2


Field received 0.2” rain since last visit. Recommended getting field ready to irrigate No insect or disease pressure this week.
Lafayette Pioneer

94Y80 RR

R5 Starting to drought stress, recommended irrigation immediately. Need to follow irrigation scheduler. Still clean of weeds, insects and disease.
Lee Asgrow

4632 RR/STS

V3 Going to stick with low plant population. Morning glories and teaweed emerged. Recommended glyphosate and metolachlor.
Phillips-1 Osage R5/R2 Received 2.4” rain. Laid polypipe and started irrigation on 7-14, rained out. Still grass, sicklepod and teaweed trying to find sunlight in middles. Older part pretty much lapped. 1 stink bug/25 sweeps. Very few FLS lesions.
Phillips-2 Asgrow 4632 RR/STS


R4 Received 2.3” rain. Irrigated on 7-12. 1 stink bug and .25 bollworm/25 sweeps. Middles have lapped. Three nodes down in the plant have very few pods on them from the contaminated tank spray, did notice a few new blooms on those nodes. All 5-6 nodes after spray look healthy. Disease free.
Prairie Pioneer 95Y40 RR R1 We got 0.22” of rain on field since last week. Roundup was applied and is working on emerged weeds. Polypipe is scheduled to be rolled out this week. No insect or disease pressure this week.
Randolph Asgrow RR


V4 Picked up armyworm pressure this week & recommended treatment. Going to replant areas of the field that drowned out.
St. Francis TV 49L29 LL R5 Field received 0.25” rainfall since last week. Field received 0.8” from irrigation and responded well. No insect or disease pressure this week.
White NK S49-F8 RR V6 Field received 0.8” rain since last week. Recommended 32oz/A Roundup PowerMax plus 16oz/A Dual for emerged weeds & residual. The field continues to grow & looks good.

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