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Soybean research verification program update – June 27, 2014
Author: Chris Grimes, Program Associate - Soybean/Wheat Verification Coordinator

The last two fields in the program got planted. Herbicide applications continue to go out on the late planted fields. Rainfall and amounts were scattered this week in the verification fields. Insect pressure remains below treatment levels in all the verification fields this week. Disease pressure is minimal. We are concentrating on getting the earlier planted fields set up for irrigation.

County Variety Stage General Information
Arkansas Asgrow 5233 RR/ STS V5


Received .45”rain. RoundUp PowerMax was applied and is doing a good job on emerged weeds. No insect or disease pressure.
Clark NK

S48-F8 RR

V5 No rain this week. Roundup & Dual was applied and is working on emerged weeds.
Clay Halo 5:26 LL  


Field received 1.09” rainfall since last visit. Liberty and Prefix was applied and doing a good job on emerged weeds.
Cross Progeny 4211 RR V11/R2 The field received 0.3” rain since last visit. Irrigation was started on 6-23 and there was no insect or disease pressure this week.
Desha Armor

DK 4744 RR

R4 Field was irrigated again on 6-25. Found low incidence of Frogeye and going to reevaluate next week to determine if treatment is required. Field looks very good.
Jefferson Delta Grow


V6 Received 0.8” rain. Liberty and Flexstar doing a good job on emerged weeds.
Lawrence – Rice Asgrow 4232 RR V5


Field received 0.8” of rainfall and Prefix should be activated. No recommendations this week and we will look at rolling polypipe out next week.
Lawrence – Wright Leland V7


Field received 0.5” rain. The Storm & Warrant that was applied for broadleaf control is doing a good job. Recommended 16oz/A of Select for emerged grass. Field looks good.
Lafayette Pioneer

94Y80 RR

R2 Field very clean and looks good. Irrigation scheduled next week. No insect or disease pressure.
Lee Asgrow

4632 RR/STS

VE Field was planted on 6/21. Applied 2oz/A Valor after planting. Picked up small scattered morningglory this week.
Phillips-1 Osage R1/R2 Field is clean and no insect or disease pressure. Irrigation is scheduled over the weekend.
Phillips-2 Asgrow 4632 RR/STS


R2 Received 0.3” rain. Glyphosate is doing a good job on emerged weeds. Irrigation scheduled for early next week
Prairie Pioneer 95Y40 RR V3 We got 0.6” of rain on field and had moisture. No insect or disease pressure this week. Recommended getting field ready for irrigation.
Randolph Pioneer 94Y70 RR VE Field got planted on 6-23. Going to start regular field visits next week.
St. Francis TV 49L29 LL V12/R2 Field received 0.6” rainfall since last week. Field looks good and continues progress well.
White NK S49-F8 RR V1 Field received 2” rain since planting. Emerged pigweed & morningglory were prevalent across the field. Recommended Blazer & Dual for control and residual.

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