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Soybean research verification program update for June 20, 2014
Author: Chris Grimes, Program Associate - Soybean/Wheat Verification Coordinator

The fields have really turned around this week. Herbicide applications continue to go out as weather permits. Insect pressure remains below treatment levels in all the verification fields this week. Disease pressure is minimal. We are trying to get the fields cleaned up and ready to start irrigating.  A few of the fields received rainfall and bought a little more time before irrigation initiation.

County Variety Stage General Information
Arkansas Asgrow 5233 RR/ STS V2


Received .84” rain. With all the rain during emergence, Fierce has reduced this stand to 90,000 plants/ac after a seeding rate of 140,000 seed/ac. MG’s and volunteer rice have emerged, recommended 22 oz RoundUp PowerMax plus 1 pt Dual or equivalents.
Clark NK

S48-F8 RR

V3 Received .4” rain. Extremely weedy, broadleaves, grass, nutsedge, from environmental conditions preventing herbicide applications. Recommended 1 qt glyphosate plus 1.3 pts metolachlor.
Clay Halo 5:26 LL  


Field received .76” rainfall since last visit. Herbicide application recommended last week has been delayed due to windy conditions.
Cross Progeny 4211 RR V9/R2 The field received 2.4” rain since last visit, but field has really dried out with the increased temperature & wind. Polypipe has been rolled out and ready to start irrigating.
Desha Armor

DK 4744 RR

R2 Irrigation initiated on 6-18-14. Average of 3 green stink bugs/25 sweeps. Field looks very good.
Jefferson Delta Grow


V4 Received .1” rain. MG’s and teaweed present. Field sprayed 6-16-14 with 30 oz Liberty plus 1 pt Flexstar.
Lawrence – Rice Asgrow 4232 RR V3


Rounup & Prefix was applied and are doing a good job on emerged weeds. No recommendations this week and we will look at rolling polypipe out next week.
Lawrence – Wright Leland V3


Field continues progress well. The Storm & Warrant is scheduled to be applied today (6/20).
Lafayette Pioneer

94Y80 RR

R2 Middles plowed 6-17-14. Field very clean and looks good. Irrigation scheduled this week.
Lee Asgrow

4632 RR/STS

  Field not planted.
Phillips-1 Osage V8/R2 Received .83” rain. Sicklepod still an issue in spots across field. Few MG’s. Irrigation scheduled over the weekend. Recommended 1 pt Flexstar for residual pigweed control, still not lapped.
Phillips-2 Asgrow 4632 RR/STS


R2 Received 1” rain. MG’s and sicklepod emerged all over. Recommended glyphosate for control. Irrigation scheduled for early next week
Prairie Pioneer 95Y40 RR V3 The Rounup & Prefix was applied (6/16) & doing a good job on emerged weeds. The field is getting dry & we are looking at rolling polypipe out next week.
Randolph Pioneer 94Y70 RR   Field is not planted.
St. Francis TV 49L29 LL V9/R1 Field received 1.6” rainfall since last week. Field looks good and the plants have lapped the middles.
White NK S49-F8 RR   Field was planted on 6/17/14. Will start regular field visits next week.

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