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Rice research verification program update – June 2, 2014
Author: Ralph Mazzanti, Rice Research Verification Coordinator

South Arkansas: The scattered rainfall events and high winds have plagued herbicide applications in the Verification fields. The upside to all the intermittent rains is the continued activation or pre-emergence herbicides. Most per-emergence herbicides like Command and League were applied at planting. Where winter weeds were emerged Roundup was added to the tank mix. In Chicot County residual control was observed over 30 days while in St. Francis County we observed 37 days residual control. Only one single post emergence application was warranted for these two conventional fields. Sharpen herbicide has also done a good job with good residual on broadleaves and some aquatics. The last two years of wet weather in April and May have been a good reminder that Command herbicide is not a stand-alone product. Five out of ten Verification fields are now at the early tiller stage. The N-STaR fertilizer recommendations have been applied and the fields are now getting a permanent flood.








Treatment Emergence




General Information & Application

(Rates listed per acre)

Southern Counties
 Arkansas  CL XL745 4-14-14


19 lbs/acre CruiserMaxx Rice


5 plants ft2

Early Tiller No pre-emergence herbicides applied due to wind. Poa Annua, ryegrass and dayflower have emerged.

1st post application: Clearpath 0.5 lb + Prowl H2O 2.1 pt +COC1 pt Apply 100 lbs ammonium sulfate applied 5/2. (received 1.8”rainfall after application)  2nd post application: (pre flood) Newpath 4 oz + Permit Plus 0.75 oz+COC1 qt applied 5/23.

Applied 225 lbs urea plus NBPT according to N-STaR5/24. Applied a shallow permanent.







24 lbs/acre CruiserMaxx Rice


6 plants ft2



Herbicides recommended after planting:

Roundup PowerMax1 qt+Command 12.8 oz+ League 3.2 oz (received 3.6” rainfall from planting to preflood [30 days] for continued activation).  Provided excellent control of Italian Ryegrass, Poa Annua, nutsedge, broadleaves, and aquatics.

1st post application:

Facet 0.5 lb + 1 oz Permit + 3.2 oz League Apply 270 lbs urea with NBPT according to N- STaR and 100 lbs DAP according to soil test. Applied a shallow permanent flood.

Desha XL753  



23 lbs/acre CruiserMaxx Rice


6 plants ft2

2-3 leaf Applied Roundup Power Maxx26 oz +1 oz

Sharpen +1% MSO at planting.

1st post application:

Command 1 pt + Facet 0.5 lb applied 5/25. Apply 100 lbs ammonium sulfate 5/26.

The field and road were too wet to get to and scout. The field has received 2.65” and still is raining.

Jefferson LaKast 5-25-14


65 lbs/acre CruiserMaxx Rice

—- Herbicides recommended:

Command 1 pt+League3.2 oz+Touchdown

30 oz 5/25.

The rice is spiking but not enough for a stand count.

Lee RoyJ  



65 lbs/acre CruiserMaxx Rice


16 plants ft2

EarlyTiller Applied Command 12.8 oz at planting.

1st post recommendation:

Propanil 4 qts + Facet 0.66 lb + Permit 1 oz applied 5/14.

No pre-flood herbicide recommendation warranted: Applied 170lbs Urea fertilizer + NBPT according to N-STaR 5/28 and flood.

Lincoln CL XL745 5-7-14


28 lbs/acre CruiserMaxx Rice


7 plants ft2

2 leaf Applied Facet 0.5 lb + Command 12.8 oz+

Superwham 3 qts applied 5/23 fb

100 lbs ammonium sulfate applied 5/24. Continued rainfall this week should activate herbicides. The field has received 4.7” rainfall so far.



Lonoke CL151 5-6-14


65 lbs/acre CruiserMaxx Rice andZinc


16 plants ft2

3 leaf Applied at planting:

Roundup 1 qt + Command 1 pt– Rainfall2.5”

Herbicides are holding well. The field is clean.

Prairie RoyJ 4-17-14


115 lbs/acre

No Treatment


30 plants ft2

EarlyTiller Burndown and pre-emergence herbicides for

Cattails in a no-till overwintered continual flooded field.

3 qt Roundup Power Maxx + 1 oz Sharpen + 1 pt MSO applied at planting.

The field has permanent flood.   No post herbicide applications are warranted. Fertilizer recommendation:   Apply 100 lbs urea fertilizer fb 100 lbs urea and at mid-season 100 lbs urea.

St Francis Mermentau 4-11-14


78 lbs/acre CruiserMaxx Rice


27 plants ft2

EarlyTiller Burndown and pre-emergence herbicides:

Recommended at planting.

Roundup 1 qt + Command 12.8 oz + League

3.2 oz–

Herbicides were continually activated by rainfall totaling 5.1” and provided excellent weed control for 45 days. Few pig weeds are coming through now.


Facet 0.33 lb + League3.2 oz + 1 qt crop oil applied 5/28. Apply 270 lbs urea fertilizer + NBPT according to N-STaRand applied permanent flood 5/29.

Monroe RoyJ 5-8-14


90 lbs/acre

Apron Maxx


17 plants ft2

2-3 leaf Applied Superwham 3 qts+League3.2 oz+

COC 1 pt applied 5/23.

Applied 100 lbs DAP according to soil test applied 5/8. Rainfall amount 2.2”. Broadleaf signal grass control was at 80%.


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