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Soybean research verification program weekly update – May 30, 2014
Author: Chris Grimes, Program Associate - Soybean/Wheat Verification Coordinator

The scattered rainfall events continue plague the planting progress on the Verification fields, but we managed to get a couple more fields planted. The remaining fields are scheduled to be planted as conditions allow. Herbicide applications continue to be a priority as the fields dry out to try and keep weed pressure under control.

County Variety Stage General Information
Arkansas Asgrow 5233 RR/ STS  


Planted 5-26-14. 3 oz Fierce pre activated. Will do stand counts next week.
Clark NK

S48-F8 RR

VE Planted 5-24-14. Will do stand counts next week.
Clay Halo 5:26 LL  


Field is up to a good stand and received 0.6” rainfall. Picked up small scattered grass and we are going to apply Liberty and a residual when weather permits.
Cross Progeny 4211 RR V4 The field received 0.3” rain on 5/27. The Roundup and Warrant got applied on 5/28. The herbicide application should clean up the grass and get another residual down.
Desha Armor

DK 4744 RR

R1 Very clean. Second shot of Dual activated this week. Starting to really take off. 3” rain as of today.
Jefferson Delta Grow


VE Planted 5-25-14. Emerged 5-30-14. Will do stand counts next week.
Lafayette Pioneer 94Y70 RR   We had to change fields. Will have more info next week.
Lawrence – Rice Asgrow 4232 RR  


Field didn’t get planted due to rain.
Lawrence – Wright Osage  


Field has not been planted.
Lee Asgrow

4632 RR/STS

  Planted. Envive pre activated.
Phillips-1 Osage V2/V3 Received .8” rain as of Tuesday, 5-27-14. More has fallen since. FirstRate application didn’t seem to help with sicklepod on V3 part. Classic, Pursuit and Dual application working on MG’s and nutsedge in V2 part.
Phillips-2 Asgrow 4632 RR/STS


V2 Received .17” rain as of Tuesday, 5-27-14. More has fallen since. Roundup application last week cleaned up emerged MG’s. Field very clean. Dual application last week activated.
Prairie Pioneer 95Y40 RR   Field was planted May 26th. Will start regular field visits next week.
Randolph Pioneer 94Y70 RR   Field has not been planted.
St. Francis TV 49L29 LL V4 Field received 0.2” rainfall since last visit. The 2nd shot of Liberty did a good job on the pigweed escapes. The soybean plants had good nodulation and should take off growing.
White NK S49-F8 RR   Field has not been planted.

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