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Rice research verification program update – May 23, 2014
Author: Ralph Mazzanti, Rice Research Verification Coordinator

South Arkansas: There are ten fields enrolled in the Rice Research Verification Program and all have now been planted. The Jefferson County field was the last to be planted. The variety selected was LaKast, a new University of Arkansas release. The winds have died down some but due to the long lines at the airports herbicide applications may take a week to ten days or longer. Some herbicide rates and tank mixes are already at their maximum. Some growers have opted to use ground rids such as roundup hooded sprayers which can result in 10-15 gpa with less drift in some cases. The best herbicide applications to date were Chicot and St. Francis Counties where at planting Roundup, Command and League were applied and activated receiving 3.6 -5.1 inches of rainfall. I have seen 30 days of residual on Chicot County where the St. Francis County field held to 37 days. Both fields are conventional non Clearfield rice varieties. We are now approaching preflood stage or 1st tiller on these two fields and we are on schedule to have hopefully only one post application prior to flood. This should reduce our herbicide cost significantly. Command and League herbicide tank mixes have provided excellent weed control in verification and multiplier fields. The intermittent rains have provided continual herbicide activation. The Perry Clay soils in Chicot County rice fields following fish ponds are the most challenging of all fields in South Arkansas. The residual activity has consistently been very impressive. The Roundup/Command/League tank mix at planting for the last three years has provided consistent broad spectrum control of grasses, broadleaves, aquatics, sedges and jointvetch. Activation by unseasonably wet springs in April and May have played a big role.






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