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Arkansas Corn and Grain Sorghum Weekly Update – May 9, 2014
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

Corn and Grain Sorghum Research Verification – Kevin Lawson (Corn & GS Verification Coordinator)

The wind has been the big issue this week.  I would like to take advantage of the incoming rain and spray herbicides on some of the fields, but the wind just has not allowed it.  Dual is still holding on fields where it was applied preemerge.   Several of the fields are getting side dress nitrogen applications taking advantage of the rain forecasted in the next few days.



Growth Stage Weekly Rain



Arkansas DKC64-69 VT3P


0.00 in

Applied 3.6 pts of Halex GT + 1.5 qts of atrazine.  Applied 250 lbs of Urea (115 units N).  (Scouted May 8)
Clay DKC64-83 VT3P     Field was replanted on May 7.
Jefferson DKC62-08 SS


0.45 in

Final stand count is 34,000 plants per acre.  Grass and morningglories are emerging, recommended 1 qt of glyphosate plus 1 qt of atrazine for weed control.  (Scouted May 5)
Lee DKC66-87 VT2P


0.00 in

Recommended applying 250 lbs of Urea (115 units N).  (Scouted May 7)
Lonoke Armor 1330


0.00 in

Recommended applying 1.5 qts of atrazine + 1.3 pts of Dual. (Scouted May 8)
Mississippi Pioneer 2089YHR


0.00 in

Do stand counts next week.  (Scouted May 6)
St Francis Terral 26BHR50


0.00 in

Recommended applying 200 lbs of Urea + 100 lbs of Ammonium Sulfate (110 units N).  (Scouted May 7)
White Armor 1550PRO


0.00 in

Applied 230 lbs of Urea (106 units N).  (Scouted May 7)

———–Grain Sorghum———-

Chicot Dyna-Gro 765B


0.20 in

Field is still emerging in spots.  Do stand counts next week.  (Scouted May 5)
Prairie Pioneer 84P80


0.00 in

Majority of the field emerged on May 2.  A rain will help the rest of the field emerge.  Do stand counts next week.  (Scouted May 7)


Southeast Arkansas Update – Wes Kirkpatrick (Desha County) & Kevin Norton (Ashley County)

Due to windy conditions over the last several days, there are still some fields that have not gotten a herbicide application, resulting in a wooly mess. Lots of fertilizer has been applied recently and the corn is really starting to grow. We range from just emerged to 8 leaf growth stages.

Central Arkansas Update – Brent Griffin & Michael Paskewitz (Prairie County)

Seven days of dry weather has allowed corn planting to finish along with sorghum. Herbicides are being applied as wind allows. First applications of nitrogen are being made ahead of forecasted rainfall.

Northeast Arkansas Update – Herb Ginn (Lawrence County) & Branon Thiesse (Craighead County)

Craighead County – Corn planting is finished with the exception of a few isolated fields. Fertilizer applications are continuing while herbicides have to be applied either late evening or early morning as winds hamper these applications during the day. Soil conditions have dried so significantly in just one week that if we miss this round of rain we may need to think of irrigating. Most of the corn is between 2-3 leaf stage. Blowing sand may cause problems in the eastern part of the county as soils dry.

Lawrence County – It is hard to believe, but we still have fields under water along our rivers and, at the same time, some producers have to flush their rice.  I am estimating that the majority of our corn crop is now planted.  Let’s hope that the rain predicted for the next few days is favorable.

River Valley Update – Kevin VanPelt (Conway County) & Hank Chaney (Faulkner County)

This last 10 days seems like the longest period we’ve had without rain since planting started. And with the sunshine and warmer temperatures the corn has jumped up a little more looking a little greener. Most producers have been staying on the soybean planting, but some have started to get their side dress nitrogen applications out the last couple of days in advance of the rain forecast for the end of the week. We are also trying to get postemergence herbicides applied before plants exceed 12 inches.  Steady high winds have made those applications more difficult.

Heat Units

Several people have talked about how corn has “jumped” this week.  If you look at the heat units that were accumulated this week you will see why.  We went from being below the 30 year average last week to being above it this week.  Temperatures got up in the 90’s for a couple of days and the lows were in the high 60’s.

Region of the state(city)

Heat Units Accumulated May 2 – May 9

30 Year Average Heat Units May 2 – May 9

Total Heat Units Since March 9

30 Year Average Heat Units Since March 9

Southeast Arkansas(McGehee, AR)





Central Arkansas (Des Arc, AR)





Northeast Arkansas (Jonesboro, AR)





River Valley (Morrilton, AR)





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