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Arkansas Corn and Grain Sorghum Weekly Update – April 25, 2014
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

Corn and Grain Sorghum Research Verification – Kevin Lawson (Corn & GS Verification Coordinator)

All the corn and grain sorghum verification fields are finally planted.  A preliminary stand count was taken in Clay, Lonoke, St Francis and White Counties.  Plants were still emerging in all these fields, so another stand count will be taken next week.


Hybrid Growth Stage Weekly Rain



Arkansas DKC64-69 VT3P  

0.20 in

Field was planted on April 19.  Field should emerge this weekend.
Clay DKC63-87 VT2P


 0.10 in

Field emerged on April 18.  1 qt of Atrazine, 1 qt of glyphosate + 1.3 pts of Dual were applied on April 19.
Jefferson DKC62-08 SS  

0.10 in

Field was planted on April 19.
Lee DKC66-87 VT2P  

0.00 in

Field should emerge this weekend.
Lonoke Armor 1330


0.95 in

Field emerged on April 22.
Mississippi Pioneer 2089YHR     Field was planted on April 11.
St Francis Terral 26BHR50


0.15 in

Field emerged on April 21.
White Armor 1550PRO


0.10 in

Field emerged on April 18.

———–Grain Sorghum———-

Chicot Dyna-Gro 765B     Field was planted on April 23.  Applied 24 oz Gramoxone + 1 pt of Parallel after planting.
Prairie Pioneer 84P80     Field was planted on April 23.

Southeast Arkansas Update – Wes Kirkpatrick (Desha County) & Kevin Norton (Ashley County)

The corn crop is looking good since we have gotten some warmer weather.  Crop stages range from just planted to 3 leaf.  We estimate that we have completed 80-90% planting.

Central Arkansas Update – Brent Griffin & Michael Paskewitz (Prairie County)

Prairie County farmers have made very good headway in planting of corn and began on grain sorghum. Farmers will be 80 to 85% done with corn planting this week. Emerged corn fields are approaching the two leaf to three leaf stage with herbicides being applied when the wind allows.  We are picking up a few greenbugs and aphids in some fields.  The grain sorghum verification field was planted Wednesday (April 23rd).  Some producers have been forced to rotary hoe corn this week due to soil crusting. A rain would actually be favorable to help our rice and corn acres emerge.

Northeast Arkansas Update – Herb Ginn (Lawrence County) & Branon Thiesse (Craighead County)

In Craighead County corn and grain sorghum planting continued with 50 – 60 % planted with fertilizer and herbicide applications being conducted when wind conditions were acceptable. Crop progress is from just emerged to one leaf corn.   Rain Monday interrupted planting/field work in some parts of the county, but producers were right back in the field Tuesday.

In Lawrence County lots of field activity has been going on.  Many growers are trying to get ahead of the rains that are predicted for the area.  Corn and rice are being planted at a rapid pace and some producers have started planting soybeans and peanuts.  Much of the corn that was planted earlier has now spiked through the ground. I estimate that by the weekend, if we miss the rains, close to 90% of the corn crop will be planted.

River Valley Update – Kevin VanPelt (Conway County) & Hank Chaney (Faulkner County)

All of the corn has been planted and emerged in the River Valley.  Post emergence herbicide applications are currently being applied to fields where preemergence applications were omitted. A corn field that did not have a preemergence herbicide I scouted this week had just emerged but there were numerous pigweeds, cutleaf evening primrose and nutgrass scattered within the field that needed to be controlled.

Heat Units

Warmer temperatures this week translated into higher heat unit accumulations and you can tell the corn is really responding to it.  Southeast and Central Arkansas were right at the 30 year average, while Northeast Arkansas and the River Valley were above the 30 year average this week.

Region of the state(city)

Heat Units Accumulated April 19 – April 25 30 Year Average Heat Units April 19 – April 25 Total Heat Units Since March 9

30 Year Average Heat Units Since March 9

Southeast Arkansas(McGehee, AR)


110 502


Central Arkansas (Des Arc, AR)


100 425


Northeast Arkansas(Jonesboro, AR)


83 400


River Valley (Morrilton, AR)


84 490





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