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Blackbirds Attacking Newly Planted Rice
Author: Jarrod Hardke, Rice Extension Agronomist

We’re starting to receive reports that in certain areas blackbirds are falling into rice fields right behind the drill.  In some cases (Picture 1) the number of blackbirds hitting fields is extremely high.

Picture 1. Blackbirds entering a rice field to feed on freshly planted rice seed.

Blackbirds Feeding on Rice Seed

This spring, a new seed treatment product known as AV-1011 received a Section 18 emergency exemption for use in Arkansas.  This product is intended to deter blackbirds from feeding on rice seed.  The field pictured above was not treated with AV-1011.

There has been some recent confusion about AV-1011 including the cost of the product.  Here are a few things to know:

  • The application rate is 18.3 oz per 100 lbs of seed (18.3 fl oz / cwt).
  • The suggested grower price per gallon is $195.
  • At a 70 lb / acre seeding rate, this product would cost ~ $19.50 per acre.
  • At a 30 lb / acre seeding rate, this product would cost ~ $8.36 per acre.
  • Situations where growers might see the most benefit from this product:
    • Very early or very late planted fields.
    • Isolated fields.
    • Fields that are water-seeded.
    • Fields that are broadcast-seeded.
  • This product is labeled for use as a seed treatment ONLY.

See the label and documentation hereAlways read and follow label directions.




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