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2011-2013 Arkansas Rice Performance Trials now available
Author: Jarrod Hardke, Rice Extension Agronomist

The 2011-2013 Arkansas Rice Performance Trials (ARPT) are now available by clicking the link or on the Publications tab of the Arkansas Row Crops blog.  Printed copies will be available at county Extension offices in January.

Information from previous years can be found on the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture or Arkansas Variety Testing websites.

Information contained in the ARPT publication includes:

Grain yield, milling yield, and plant characteristics for selected commercial rice cultivars tested in ARPT trials from 2011-2013.

Disease reactions for commercial rice cultivars.

Grain yield and lodging of selected commercial rice cultivars in Producer Rice Evaluation Program (PREP) trials in 2013.

Grain yield, milling yield, and maturity data for selected rice cultivars in seeding date (DD50) studies in 2013.

General characteristics of cultivars tested in the Arkansas Rice Performances Trials and Producer Rice Evaluation Program.

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