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2013 soybean preliminary yield and disease screening results now available
Author: Jeremy Ross, Extension Agronomist - Soybeans
Preliminary results from the 2013 Arkansas Full-Season RR and Non-RR Soybean Performance Test and the 2013 Arkansas Early Planted RR Soybean Performance Test are available at:
Information for the 2013 trials will be updated as needed until final reports are posted.
Also, the 2013 soybean cultivar disease screening results are available at  This program screens varieties in the Full-Season Roundup Ready and Non-Roundup Ready Tests as well as varieties in the Early Planted Test.  You may download the excel spreadsheet and view results for the stem canker, frogeye leaf spot, soybean cyst nematode races 2, 4, 5, and 14, reniform nematode, and root-knot nematode screens.  If you need assistance with the soybean disease screening file or have questions about the results, please contact Kim Rowe at

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