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2014 Arkansas Corn and Grain Sorghum Quick Facts Now Available
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

The 2014 Corn Quick Facts and 2014 Grain Sorghum Quick Facts are now available by clicking the respective links and also on the Publications tab of the Arkansas Row Crop Blog.  The Quick Facts are a one page (front and back) quick reference guide for University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Corn and Grain Sorghum recommendations.

Topics on the quick facts include:

2013 Facts – The 2013 Facts section includes acres harvested and the state average yield for 2013.

Growth and Development – The Growth and Development section features a table showing average days from planting and average height for each growth stage according to Corn and Grain Sorghum Research Verification Program data over the past five years.

Seeding – The Seeding section has bullet points and tables on planting temperature, seeding rate, determining growth stages and determining final plant stands.

Fertilization – The Fertilization section has tables showing the recommendations for different nutrients based on soil test results.

Irrigation – The Irrigation section has a table that shows potential yield reduction from moisture stress and a table showing how much water corn and grain sorghum use at different stages.

Diseases – The Disease section has bullet points on corn and grain sorghum diseases and fungicide timings.

Herbicides – The Herbicide section has bullet points on herbicide recommendations and restrictions.

Insects – The Insect section has tables with insect recommendations for grain sorghum and refuge requirements and traits for corn.


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