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Late season rains contribute to spread of SBR across Arkansas
Author: Travis Faske, Extension Plant Pathologist

Soybean rust has been confirmed in eighteen Arkansas counties:  Arkansas, Chicot, Cross, Drew, Desha, Green, Jackson, Jefferson, Lawrence, Lincoln, Lonoke, Mississippi, Monroe, Phillips, Prairie, Randolph, White, and Woodruff.  The number of positive counties is similar to mid-October in 2012 with a total count of 20.  Most of these observations were made within the past ten days and it is likely that a few more counties will be added to this list.  Disease severity ranged from 10 to 100s of pustules per leaflet on R7 or R8 soybeans.  Though all of these soybeans are past the recommended growth stage of treatment (R6) along with the majority of soybeans, SBR is relatively widespread across Arkansas.  Producers should be aware that SBR returned in 2013 at a similar time and distribution across the state as observed in 2012.

Figure 1.  Distribution of Soybean rust in Arkansas and neighboring states.

Figure 1. Distribution of soybean rust in Arkansas and neighboring states.

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