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Arkansas soybean update – May 17, 2013
Author: Jeremy Ross, Extension Agronomist - Soybeans

For the week ending May 12, 2013, the USDA/NASS reported 4.5 days suitable for field work.  Topsoil moisture supplies were 3 percent short, 64 percent adequate, and 33 percent surplus.  Subsoil moisture supplies were 1 percent very short, 6 percent short, 67 percent adequate and 26 percent surplus.

Producers had planted 19 percent of the soybean crop last week, 50 percent behind 2012 and 21 percent below the five-year average.  The soybean crop emergence was at 9 percent, 45 percent behind 2012 and 17 percent below the five-year average.


Percent of Progress



Current Week

Previous Week


5-Year Avg.













The most common call I’ve had the past few days has been on fields that were ready to be planted, but weeds are starting to emerge.  What can we do?  No matter what approach a grower takes, the main point is to start clean.  One option is to cultivate these fields to knock-down what weeds have emerged.  Another option is to apply a burndown with your preemerge herbicide.  One possibility is Gramoxone plus Authority MTZ.  This combination will allow immediate plant back, and it also provides some metribuzin.   Keep in mind some soybean varieties are sensitive to metribuzin, and ratings can be found in the 2012 Metribuzin Tolerance Testing of Soybean Varieties.  Other good options are Valor, Prefix, Fierce, Dual, and Sharpenin combination with Roundup or Gramoxone to name a few.  Please read and follow all pesticide labels.

Many fields did not receive a proper burndown application of dicamba for horseweed.  A good option in these fields is to apply Sharpen at 1.0 oz per acre (this rate allows immediate plant back of soybean)  This rate and timing may not completely control horseweed, but will do a good job of burning it down and getting it out of the way to plant.  Then just be prepared to comeback with FirstRate at 0.3 oz per acre with each post application of Roundup or Liberty in LL beans for complete control.  Zidua and Fierce (Valor + Zidua) are two new residual options for soybeans.  Both provide control of pigweed, broadleaves and grasses.  See the label for plant back restrictions on Rice and other crops.

To me, in fields with heavy pigweed pressure, the best option is to plant Liberty Link soybeans.  We have tested several Liberty Link soybean varieties over the past five years, and have not seen any yield problem with the currently available varieties.  Many of the Liberty Link soybean varieties yielded as well as the Roundup Ready 2 Yield varieties.  Our recommendations in the Liberty Link systems are to use a preemergence herbicide and two in-season application of Liberty to control weeds.


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