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Update on wheat stripe rust, March 15
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

Based on observations from plots at the Rohwer Experiment Station in Desha County, Beretta, Ricochet and Progeny 185 were the most susceptible varieties to stripe rust and had hot spots with numerous infected leaves. Scattered leaves with stripe rust were found on 26R20, Arcadia, Coker 9553, Harrison, Progeny 308, and Terral 8861.

In previous years, Progeny 185 and Arcadia remained susceptible throughout the season, but Beretta, Coker 9553 and Ricochet became resistant as the season progressed. The other varieties lack a long enough track record to say much. All of the varieties with resistance to stripe rust likely have race specific adult-plant resistance that may eventually be overcome by new races of the stripe rust fungus.

Two of 11 commercial fields in eastern Arkansas that were surveyed for diseases had multiple hot spots of stripe rust and the others had no detectable stripe rust. Growers should scout now for stripe rust, especially if they have any of the most susceptible varieties. Fields with hot spots should be sprayed with a fungicide sooner rather than later.

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