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2012 On-Farm Cotton Variety Performance Summary Released
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

The 2012 On-Farm Cotton Variety Performance Summary is now available on the University of Arkansas Extension website. It can be found by going to the publications link and searching the above title.
Each year the University Of Arkansas Division Of Agriculture conducts several replicated on-farm demonstration trials to evaluate performance of a number of new cotton varieties. These standardized on-farm trials are helpful because they evaluate similar varieties over a wide range of soil types and management practices throughout the state of Arkansas.
The publication includes the yield results of the On-Farm Cotton Variety Performance Trials that were conducted across 16 counties in 2012 as well as results by region, by soil type and two year averages for 2011 and 2012. This year the 5 Liberty Link trials have been included in this publication.
These trials are not meant to replace University OVT’s (Official Variety Trials); however they provide another source or supplement to the OVT data on which to base cotton variety selection.
Any questions about this publication can be directed to Blake McClelland or Dr. Tom Barber.

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