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Make plans to attend the 2013 soil fertility workshops
Author: Leo Espinoza, Associate Professor & Extension Soil Scientist

The Arkansas Plant Food Association, in collaboration with The University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture and Arkansas State University would like to invite you to participate in the 2013 Soil Fertility Workshop series. The first workshop will be held February 12 on the campus of ASU in Jonesboro, while the second workshop will be held on Feb 13, at the Dumas Community Center. On February 12, 2013 the Soil Fertility Workshop (Jonesboro) will include topics such as cover crops, spatial variability, N-STaR and Phosphorus and Potassium management, among others. Local and out-of-state speakers will be conducting this educational event.

On February 13, the Soil Fertility Workshop (Dumas) will include basic soil information that will allow attendees to better understand how soil’s chemical, physical and biological properties affect nutrient availability to plants. There will also be discussion about alternative fertilizer products and soil sampling for variable rate technology. There is a $50 registration fee that includes lunch.

Visit the 2013 Soil Fertility Workshops website for information and to register for these important events.  Please register by Friday February 8.

For more information, contact Leo Espinoza at 501-671-2168 (

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