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Post-storm farm cleanup safety tips
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

Chainsaws are a great tool around the farm and unfortunately, can be a very dangerous one also.  After the recent snow and ice storm, chainsaw use is in high gear.  Here are a few basic chain saw safety tips:

Personal protection and clothing are important

  • Use eye protection, a helmet and full face shield is preferred
  • Always use hearing protection
  • Use leather gloves
  • Wear trim-fitting clothing free of loose edges
  • Use chainsaw chaps to protect your legs
  • Work boots with high tops and steel toes are best

Saw operation

  • Make sure the saw is in good working order and the chain stays at the proper tension
  • Never work alone
  • Maintain good balance and secure footing
  • During operation, always hold the saw firmly with both hands
  • Clear away dirt, debris, small tree limbs and rocks from the saw’s path
  • Do not cut limbs with the nose of the guide bar
  • Cut only one log at a time
  • Never use a chainsaw on an insecure support such as a ladder
  • Do not cut above shoulder height
  • Avoid working at night
  • Do not refuel a hot saw
  • Do not operate the saw indoors or in poorly ventilated conditions
  • Avoid operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs (including some prescription drugs)

By following these simple precautions, you and your chainsaw will get the job done in the safest possible way.

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