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2013 Crop Budgets
Author: Scott Stiles, Extension Economist

The 2013 crop budgets are available in two (2) formats,  pdf and Excel, at the links below.

pdf link:


Microsoft Excel:


Market Commentary:

Over the past month, new crop (2013) rice futures have gained about 35 cents per hundredweight.  The September 2013 CME rough rice contract has traded as high as $15.67 (12/24) this week.    The price improvement seen in rice as of late has improved its competitiveness with corn(as it relates to grower’s planting decisions).  In contrast to September rice, the September 2013 corn futures contract has drifted  lower, losing about 40 cents per bushel since the first week of December.

Corn basis currently reflects the anticipated increase in 2013 acres with new crop bids around the state being quoted from 40 to 65 cents under September 2013 futures.  New crop soybean basis is stronger in most areas, ranging from “even” to 25 cents under November futures.  Crop budgets still favor corn (and now rice) over soybeans and cotton, and the new crop basis offers seem to reflect that.

Best wishes for a profitable 2013.

2013 Crop Budgeting


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