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Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board (ASPB) now accepting applicants for 2013 Fellowship Program
Author: Kim Rowe, Program Associate

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The Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board (ASPB) realizes that the current and future success of the Arkansas soybean industry depends on the continual output of qualified soybean practitioners from Arkansas Colleges and Universities.  Graduate education is of paramount importance to the continual improvement of the Arkansas soybean industry. Thus, the ASPB is increasing its focus on masters and doctoral level education related to soybean production, processing and/or marketing by possibly awarding up to four fellowships in 2013.  This fellowship program sponsored by the ASPB will be administered through the Office of the Vice President for Agriculture, University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.  Qualifications, requirements and instructions for applying are listed below:

  1. To be eligible for this Fellowship, each applicant must have applied and been accepted into the appropriate graduate college/school (should there be one) of an Arkansas based University/System institution (ex. UA or ASU) with the intention of completing a course of study culminating with the attainment of an M.S. or Ph.D. degree.
  2. Each successful recipient must be under the tutelage of a major professor whose primary area of research relates to soybean production, processing, utilization, and/or a very closely related plant, animal, or soil science program.
  3. To be eligible, each Fellowship recipient must work as an associate in the research program of their major professor in addition to maintaining the normal academic responsibilities for their M.S. or Ph.D. programs.
  4. Each applicant must be a U.S. citizen, with a preference given to a resident of the State of Arkansas, and possess excellent communication skills.
  5. Although preference will be given to M.S. Fellowship applicants with a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above, the major requirement is that all applicants meet requirements for respective Graduate school admission.  A cumulative graduate GPA of 3.0 is required for Ph.D. applicants.
  6. Fellowship recipients are expected to maintain a cumulative graduate GPA of 3.00 or above at the end of each academic semester in order to be eligible for the continuation of the Fellowship for an additional semester. In the advent that the GPA falls below 3.0, the Fellowship recipient will be allowed one additional academic semester to elevate his/her GPA to 3.0 or above.
  7. Fellowship support for Masters level candidates shall not exceed a period of 24 months and are typically funded at a level of $1500 per month.  Fellowship support for doctoral candidates shall not exceed a period of 42 months, with support levels typically at $3000 per month.
  8. Additionally, qualified graduate students employed outside of a typical half-time assistantship arrangement (may be employed within or outside of the University System), are also encouraged to apply, and if selected, will receive a Fellowship stipend of $1,000 per month.  If an applicant of this category is selected, the duration of stipend will be determined and agreed upon by all parties prior to awarding the Fellowship.
  9. Application: Interested and qualified individuals that wish to apply for an ASPB fellowship should do the following: (1) provide to Dr. Mark Cochran, Vice President for Agriculture, (address listed below) a letter not to exceed 1000 words explaining the applicant’s interest in soybeans, (2) include in the letter the nature and/or area of study in which each applicant wishes to conduct research during their Fellowship tenure, (3) discuss his/her future career plans in the soybean industry should the applicant be awarded a fellowship, (4) include a resume (not to exceed 1500 words) that includes work and other relevant experience, educational background, and leadership activities, and (5) attach a copy of their current college/university transcript.
  10. Major Professor Participation: The major professor of each Fellowship applicant must have submitted a project proposal with soybean as a study crop to the ASPB, United Soybean Board (USB), or other appropriate organization/agency and be awarded funding.  The funding of this proposal should clearly reflect the portion devoted to fellowship research support. This budgeted fellowship support is intended to provide the necessary resources for the research program of Fellowship recipient enabling him/her to fulfill the requirements to obtain either an M.S. or Ph.D. degree.

Completed application packets should be mailed to Dr. Lanny Ashlock at the address below and emailed to Ms. Pat Walters ( by February 1, 2013Fellowship stipends normally begin in June of the year awarded and terminate at a mutually determined date.  Refer to this step-by-step when applying (Download pdf).

Attention:  Lanny Ashlock, Ph.D.

Arkansas and Mid-South Soybean Promotion Board Research Coordinator

Assistant VP for Special Programs, UA System Div of Agriculture

2301 South University Avenue

Little Rock, AR 72204 , office phone 501/671-2196 and cell phone 501/425-9879


Attention:  Dr. Mark Cochran

Vice President for Agriculture

University of Arkansas Systems Office

2404 North University Avenue

Little Rock, AR 72207



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