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It’s equipment maintenance time: Weld safely
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

This time of year you might find yourself in the shop rather than in the fields.

One of the most common activities in the shop is—you guessed it—welding. What a great time to refresh our mindset on basic welding safety.

  • Wear boots and the proper protective clothing; always use approved welding gloves.
  • Don’t look at the light and always use a helmet in proper working order.
  • Remove clutter and always have a fire extinguisher close by.
  • Never haul oxygen or acetylene bottles in the trunk of a car.  Move them only in a secure and ventilated manner.
  • Never move high pressure cylinders with no protective cap.  If the valve gets knocked off, there will be 2500 psi escaping out of a hole the size of a nickel, thus a potential missile.
  • Welding inside a tank is always dangerous!  Mig and Tig both use Argon gas.  Argon is odorless and colorless, and twice as heavy as air.  ALWAYS HAVE GOOD VENTILATION IN ANY WELDING SITUATION.
  • It is a good idea to have someone with you to monitor the surrounding area for problems such as an unexpected fire.
  • Never weld in areas with standing water.
  • Never blow debris off of your clothing off with oxygen; use a regular air compressor instead.
  • Never inflate a flat tire with oxygen.

Make sure that any time you are engaged in shop work, particularly welding,  you are alert to all of the above situations and prepare accordingly.  Be safe.

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