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Corn and Grain Sorghum Research Verifciation Program Final Update 2012
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

Corn – 2012 was a record year for the Corn Research Verification Program.  The average yield from corn fields in 2012 was 238.2 bu/acre.  The previous high yield was 205.1 bu/acre set in 2008.  The estimated 2012 Arkansas state average corn yield is 177 bu/acre, which is also a record.  An extremely warm and dry March led to early planting and excellent stands and good growing conditions in March, April, and May got the crop off to an excellent start, setting a high yield potential.  Proper irrigation throughout the season maintained the excellent yields.  Producers in the verification program did a great job of following irrigation recommendations through the dry year.  Fields were furrow irrigated 7 to 11 times per field and averaged 9 times.

Grain Sorghum – The two grain sorghum research verification fields also did well in 2012.  Both fields were planted in late March and had good stands.  The Desha County Grain Sorghum Research Verification Program field was furrow irrigated 5 times and averaged 148.7 bu/acre.  The St Francis County Grain Sorghum Research Verification Program field was non-irrigated and had good growing conditions in April and early May.  As the grain sorghum started heading, the drought and heat hit this field hard, reducing yield potential.  The field was harvested on July 30 and yielded an outstanding 92.0 bu/acre, considering how dry it was.  The estimated Arkansas state average yield for grain sorghum in 2012 is 84 bu/acre.

November 8, 2012 CGSRVP Final Update


Final Yield adj
to 15.5%
ArkansasTerral REV 28HR20September 514.4%230.6 bu/ac
ClayPioneer P2088HRSeptember 1215.4%253.8 bu/ac
DeshaDeKalb DKC 66-96August 418.0%246.3 bu/ac
DrewDeKalb DKC 64-69August 1715.5%234.3 bu/ac

Pioneer 2088HR

August 30


242.5 bu/ac
PoinsettArmor 1262DPROAugust 1816.7%244.1 bu/ac
PrairieDeKalb DKC 64-69August 816.7%215.8 bu/ac
 Grain Sorghum
DeshaPioneer 84G62August 414.0%148.7 bu/ac
St. FrancisPioneer 84G77July 3014.0%92.0 bu/ac

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