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Go to great heights to make sure your tree stand is safe
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

Thinking about hunting from a tree stand this year?  The Arkansas Game and Fish say nationally, more people are injured or killed from falls out of tree stands than from firearm discharge.  While deer stands can be a safe and excellent way to hunt, a few tips may make your season safer.

  • Be sure that the stand you are using is in good repair.
  • Know the proper procedure for securing your stand to a tree and how to use it.  Even if you have used it before, it is wise to read any instructions or manuals that came with your tree stand.
  • Always use a fall arrest system that meets TMA standards, which includes a full body harness rated for you weight and gear.
  • Always attach your fall arrest system to the tree from the moment you leave the ground, during the hunt and when you descend to the ground.
  • Practice with your stand at ground level, gradually going higher until you are comfortable with it.
  • Refrain using any type of alcohol or drugs while using a tree stand.

*If you plan to buy a stand in the future:  Use only stands that meet standards of the Tree stand Manufacturer’s  Association  (TMA) rated for your weight and all gear you will wear or have with you on the stand.  

For more information and great video safety tips for tree stand hunting visit the National Bow hunters Education Foundation on line

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