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Solutions for ALS-resistant ryegrass in wheat
Author: Bob Scott, Professor & Extension Weed Scientist

Wheat weed control is getting more expensive.  The occurrence of ALS-resistant ryegrass in Arkansas wheat fields has created problems for some wheat producers.  ALS herbicides for wheat include: Finesse, Finesse G&B, Osprey and PowerFlex. These are all good ryegrass herbicides unless you have resistance.  Since most of the ryegrass in the state is already resistant to Hoelon herbicide, this only leaves a few options, the best of which is Axial XL.  This product will kill most ryegrass in Arkansas, however, in our research a few of the samples tested, about 22 of 300, were resistant to Axial XL.  Axial XL has no residual and can only be applied once per year.  If you put it out in the fall, you do a good job preventing early ryegrass competition and set a high yield potential for your wheat in terms of ryegrass competition.  However, there is a chance you may get more ryegrass and need a second shot in the spring. If It’s resistant to Hoelon and the ALS herbicides, you have no options left.  If you wait and put Axial XL out in the spring, with nothing in the fall you get ryegrass competition with your wheat all winter.  Also, Axial has no broadleaf activity.

The solution is to go to more of a program approach.  Axiom herbicide applied  either alone or with Prowl to 2- to 3-leaf wheat in the early fall followed by Axial XL applied as needed in the spring, is the most effective herbicide program that we have evaluated in our research for Hoelon + ALS resistant ryegrass fields.


If you have both ALS and Hoelon resistant ryegrass you should consider laying the field out if possible and controlling ryegrass either mechanically with with glyphosate for one year and break the ryegrass cycle.  For more information on these herbicides and others check out the MP44 at or consult your county agent.

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