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Is your farm shop a safe workplace?
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

It will not be long before this year’s harvest will be in the books.  This is the time of year that many of you will be spending more time in the farm shop making repairs and doing routine maintenance on equipment.   The farm shop is a great place to get things done but also can be a very dangerous place.  Chemicals are usually stored in the farm shop.  Welding supplies are a common item, as well as numerous other potential safety hazards.

A clean uncluttered shop is safer as well as more productive.  Take just a few moments and answer some basic safety questions about your shop.

___Y  ___N   Are your electrical cords undamaged?

___Y  ___N   Is a fire extinguisher present in an easily reached location?

___Y  ___N  Do you have a first aid kit available?

___Y  ___N   Are all guards and shields in place?

___Y  ___N   Are all walkways clear of debris?

___Y  ___N   Do you keep chemicals in a locked cabinet?

___Y  ___N   Are acetylene and oxygen tanks secured from accidental movement?

___Y  ___N   Are children clear of the area?

___Y  ___N   Is all of your personal protective equipment in place (hearing and eye  protection)?

___Y  ___N   Is the shop well lighted and properly  ventilated?

A shop owner that is operating safely will have been able to answer “Yes” to all of these questions.  Please go over this list thoroughly and rectify any discrepancies in your shop.  This will help to keep you and any workers on your farm safe during the maintenance season.

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