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Hurricane Isaac brings the threat of flash flooding: Be prepared
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

There is a hurricane approaching our area and with the approaching hurricane, flash flooding is a possibility.  Most flash flooding occurs within six hours of heavy rainfall. Take a moment to review a few points about the dangers of flash flooding.

  • Do Not Enter a Roadway That Is Covered In Water! 

Over half of all flooding fatalities that occur in the United States involve an automobile.  Just six inches of moving water can carry a small car away, and 12 to 16 inches will move a SUV or pickup truck.

-Flooded roadways may have hidden damage to road bed making the water appear shallower than it actually is.

  • Do Not Cross Barricades! 

When flash flooding occurs, local authorities will place barricades across unsafe and flooded roadways.

These barricades are there to protect you.  Even if the water doesn’t look very deep, do not cross a barricaded road.

  • Be Aware of Local Weather Conditions

-Staying apprised of weather conditions will help you to determine any risks that may occur.

  • Be Familiar With The Terrain

 Becoming familiar with the land and streets where you live, work, and play can help you to avoid flash flood risks as well.

-If you travel through an area that is low lying, near a drainage ditch or small stream, or below a dam, and flash flooding is possible, find an alternate route.

-Be prepared.

  • Be Cautious At Night.

– Reduced visibility makes it more difficult to recognize water lying in the roadway or other flooding hazards.

-Be sure to drive slowly and stay alert.

  • Keep a Portable Radio and Flashlight Nearby

In any emergency situation, it is always a good idea to have a radio that is battery operated and a flashlight handy.

  • Keep a Close Eye on Children

Children are fascinated by flooded streets and drawn to water.

– Do not allow children to play around streams, drainage ditches or viaducts, storm drains, or other flooded areas.

Keeping these things in mind will help to protect you and your family in the event that a flash flood occurs.  Stay safe and think sensibly!


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