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Author: Arkansas Row Crops

General Comments: All of the CRVP fields have now reached cut-out (NAWF-5) and are starting to accumulate heat units. The Jefferson County field is the only CRVP field that has not reached the amount of heat units recommended to terminate irrigation (450 hu); however a recommendation for anymore irrigation is being put on hold to see how much rain we may get from TS Issac.

The St. Francis and Lee County fields are ready to be defoliated; however with the threat of bad weather those applications have been put on hold until the storm passes through Arkansas. Hopefully next week more favorable weather will come back into the state.

The following lists the amount heat units that each field has accumulated (as of August 28th) as well as the date of cut-out.


Clay Variety ST 5458 B2RF:-Cut-Out Date: July 22rd Heat Units: 827
Craighead Variety AM 1511 B2RF– Cut-Out Date: July 23rd Heat Units: 806                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Jefferson Variety ST 5458 B2RF– Cut-Out Date: August 8th Heat Units: 418
Lee Variety ST 5445 LLB2– Cut-Out Date: July 14th Heat Units: 1036
Mississippi Variety ST 5458 B2RF -Cut-Out Date: July 31st Heat Units: 612
Phillips County Variety ST 5458 B2RF– Cut-Out Date: August 6th Heat Units: 480
St. Francis County Variety DPL 0912 B2RF– Cut-Out Date: July 10th Heat Units: 1108


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