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Soybean Research Verification Program Update – August 3, 2012
Author: Chris Grimes, Program Associate - Soybean/Wheat Verification Coordinator

Irrigation continues to be the main focus in the program. The recent rainfall and cloudy conditions in parts of the state has sparked some disease development in some of the fields, thus requiring fungicide applications. Insect pressure has picked up in some areas this week resulting in some treatments being recommended. A few fields have reached R6 growth stage and we are approaching irrigation termination on those fields.

August 3, 2012 SRVP Weekly Update
CountyVariety StageGeneral Information
Arkansas-1HBK 5221R32 oz/A of Belt was applied on 7/27 with very good results. The 3rd irrigation was completed this week.
Arkansas-2Halo 4:94R4Irrigation continues, and insects and diseases have yet to be a problem.
ChicotOzark & OsageR3The 4th irrigation was completed on Wednesday, 8/1. The field was treated with Karate at 1 gal/60 acres for stink bugs on Tuesday, 7/31.
Conway (DC)Halo 5:25R2 Field received rainfall and bollworm numbers are increasing.
Crittenden-1Halo 4:65R6Field received about 1” rainfall had good soil moisture. Irrigation was terminated.
Crittenden-2Halo 4:65R5.5 Trying to keep up with irrigation.
CrossProgeny 4807R3 Field received irrigation and is doing well. Worm pressure is low this week.
DeshaArmor 47R44R52 oz/A of Belt was applied on 7/24 with good results. A 4th irrigation began on Monday, 7/30.
DrewArmor 47R44R6The 5th irrigation was completed on Wednesday, 8/1. A pyrethroid + acephate was applied on Monday for stink bugs. Frogeye leaf spot incidence has remained static following Headline application on 7/19.
Faulkner (DC)Halo 5:25V12Field received irrigation on 7-31. Insect pressure (stinkbug & bollworm) increased from last week.
GreeneAG 5503R2Field received 0.7” of rain and continues to progress. No insect or disease pressure this week.
LafayetteDelta Grow 4880R6 No insect pressure at this location. We will decide next week whether a final irrigation is warranted.
LawrencePio 94Y40Late R5Picked up Aerial Web Blight and recommended 10oz/a Stratego for control. The field will require another irrigation to finish the crop.
LincolnHalo 5:65
MillerPio 94Y40R6Insect numbers remain very low. 2” rain on 7/27 was welcomed.
MississippiOsageR3Field was irrigated and received .25” of rain. Insect and disease pressure was low.
Phillips-1Pio 94Y70Late R5Timely irrigation continues, and insect numbers remain low.
Phillips-2UA 4910Late R5Irrigation continues, and insect numbers remain low.
PoinsettArmor 48R40Late R5Frogeye levels have increased and aerial web blight was observed in the field. Recommended 10 oz/a Stratego for control.
PrairieUA 4910R5.5Field was irrigated (8-2) and will probably require another irrigation to finish the crop. No insect or disease pressure.

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