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Rice Research Verification Program Update – August 1, 2012
Author: Ralph Mazzanti, Rice Research Verification Coordinator

North Arkansas:  The drought conditions are continuing in North Arkansas with some isolated rains providing very short term relief.  Most of the rice in the region has headed and raises the popular question of how the extreme heat will impact yields.  In looking at the verification fields, I feel optimistic at this point, but the tale will be told at harvest.  On a positive note, disease and stink bug pressure has been very low.

South Arkansas:  Irrigation demands have reservoirs and rivers extremely low.  The Clark County field has lost much of its irrigation source from the Quachita River.  The field is in late boot to early heading stage and struggling.  Two fields are drying (Arkansas #1) and (Chicot #2) and should be harvested the first week of August.  Stink bug activity has been low.

CountyVarietyStage/HarvestGeneral Information
Arkansas 1CL XL 745Harvest Date 8/10/12Field harvest 199 bu/acre dry.
Arkansas 2Roy JFully MatureField received 3.4” rainfall. The field is draining.
Arkansas 3CL 151Fully MatureField received 1” rainfall. The field is draining.
Chicot 1CL 151Harvest Date 8/21/12 The field harvest was a record 242 bu/acre dry. Slight smut on the south end of field. N-Star worked very well.
Chicot 2CL 111Harvest Date 8/21/12 Field harvest 182 bu/acre dry.
ClarkFrancisSoft Dough

The area finally received 2.6” rainfall. First decent rain since April 10th. Ouachita River rose enough for pumping back up the field. We will have to wait and see just how much damage due to lack of water. Stink bugs running 4 per 10 sweeps.
DeshaCL XL 745Medium DoughStink bug counts are at threshold. Recommendation: Karate 1gal to 60/acres.
JeffersonXP 753Hard Dough/MatureA twenty acre side of the field was accidently sprayed with a herbicide after the field was flooded delaying maturity. Half the field is ready for harvest the other half is two weeks behind.
LincolnXP 753Fully MatureThe field should be harvested at any time.
LeeRoy JFully MatureThe field should be harvested this week.
PhillipsCL XL 745Fully MatureThe field should be harvested this week.
ClayXP 753Hard DoughThe well was turned off last week and the field should be drained and harvested within the next few weeks. Very little noticeable difference is being observed in maturity on the area where the Newpath drift affected the rice early season.
ConwayXP 753Hard Dough/MatureThe field was drained a few weeks ago and should be harvested within the next few weeks. Sodium Chlorate will be recommended on the field due to the extremely later maturing volunteer rice.
CraigheadRoy JFully MatureHarvesting field as of this writing.
CrossCL 151Soft DoughThe well has been turned off and could be drained within a week. Harvest is a few weeks off due to maturity differences caused from inconsistent stand establishment.
IndependenceJupiterHard DoughThe field should be harvested within the next few weeks.
JacksonTaggartFully MatureHarvesting today if moisture low enough.
PoinsettJupiterHard DoughThe well was turned off a week ago and we expect to drain the field this week. Harvest should be within the next few weeks.
PrairieCL XL 745Fully MatureThe field is expected to be harvested this week.
RandolphXL 723Hard DoughThe well was turned off last week. We expect to drain it later in the week and harvest in few weeks.
WhiteTaggartHard DoughThe field was drained today and we expect to harvest in the next few weeks.

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