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Cotton Research Verification Update for July 20th
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

General Comments: Rainfall was scarce the past couple of weeks, however the CRVP fields in the central part of the state as well as Jefferson County received good rains over during the week of July 9-13.
Many corn fields that surround some of the CRVP fields have begun to dry down and plant bugs are beginning to invade. After a quite week last week (July 9-13) three fields recorded plant bug levels at 2x threshold.
The Lee and St. Francis County fields reached cut-out (NAWF-5) on July 14th and July 10th respectively. Heat units will be calculated from these points on to determine when insecticide and irrigation termination can occur. When calculating heat units remember that a cotton plant can only use 25 heat units in a day.
The following fields needed an application other than irrigation this week:
Craighead- Variety AM 1511 B2RF The Craighead County field continues to surprise me. After a very rough start to the season the field has progressed well. Plant bugs were at 2X threshold this week. 6 oz. of Bidrin and 1 gallon to 25 acres of bifenthrin (Capture, Brigade, Bifenture,etc..) were recommended for plant bug control as well as to clean up any remaining spider mites from previous weeks. 20 oz. of Pix was recommended for plant control.
Lee- ST 5445 LLB2 Plant bugs were at treatment level for the second week in a row. ¾ lb of acephate (Orthene) and 1 gal to 20 acres of bifenthrin was recommended for control. The field reached cut-out on July 14th and has gained 131 heat units up to July 19th. 2.5 inches of rain was received at this field.
Mississippi- Variety ST 5458 B2RF The Mississippi County field could not be out done and also had plant bug levels at treatment threshold. ¾ lb of acephate was recommended for plant bug control. 10 oz. of Pix was also recommended for plant height control.
Phillips County- Variety ST 5458 B2RF The Phillips County field continues to look good. Plant bugs were at 2X treatment level. Aphids were also present in the field and the population was growing. 6 oz. of Bidrin and 1 oz. of Intruder were recommended to treat the field. 16 oz. of Pix was also recommended to control plant height. The field received 3.5 inches of rain last week.                                                                                                                               St. Francis County- Variety DPL 0912 B2RF The St. Francis county field reached cut out on July 10th. The field has accumulated 203 heat units up to July 19th. Plant bugs were at 2X treatment level in this field also. 6 oz. of Bidrin and 1 gallon to 20 acres of bifenthrin were recommended in this field for control. This field received 2.25 inches of rain last week.

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