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Cotton Research Verification Update 7/06/2012
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

General Comments: Parts of Northeast Arkansas received a small amount of rain Tuesday morning but every drop is welcome. The 10 day forecast is giving higher rain chances through the weekend with cooler temperatures but until then all of the verification fields are going to need to irrigation to get them to that point.
High plant bug numbers and increasing populations of spider mites warranted applications in some of the fields. Also lay-by herbicide applications were needed on some of the verification fields.
The following fields needed an application other than irrigation this week:
Clay- Variety ST 5458 B2RF The Clay County field was one of the lucky fields and received 0.4 of an inch of rain Tuesday. The acephate and Diamond application last week worked well on the plant bugs. Some seedling weeds were noticed in the field so a lay-by application of 20 oz. of Ignite and 2 oz. of Valor was applied under the hoods and 20 oz. of Roundup Powermax and 2 oz. of Valor was applied underneath the cotton. This field is having trouble reaching a canopy stage so applying the Valor for residual control was crucial to keeping the field clean.
Craighead- Variety AM 1511 B2RF Spider mite levels had increased dramatically in this field over the past couple of weeks. An application of 10oz of abamectin was recommended to control the spider mite problem. This variety is very aggressive in its growth so 16 oz. of mepiquat chloride was recommended to control growth.
Jefferson- Variety ST 5458 B2RF The Jefferson County field is growing quite well, however a corn field in the vicinity had dried down and the field is being flooded with plant bugs. Spider mites are increasing in the field also. An application of 6 oz. of Bidrin and 10 oz of abamectin was recommended for control. This field is just now reaching the bloom stage.
Lee- ST 5445 LLB2 The Lee County field is also growing well. Plant bug numbers were at threshold in this field also. An application of ½ lb of acephate and 6 oz. of Diamond was recommended. The field is also retaining a large amount of fruit at 87% fruit retention however it is also growing well so 12 oz. of mepiquat chloride was added to control the growth.
Mississippi- Variety ST 5458 B2RF The Mississippi County field is growing very well. It had to be replanted early in the season and is few days behind most of the cotton in the area. The field is starting to bloom. Plant bug numbers were twice the economic threshold (6.4/5 row feet) this week so an application of 8 oz. of Bidrin was recommended.
Phillips County- Variety ST 5458 B2RF The Phillips County field also had to be treated for plant bugs this week. The field was at 1.5 times economic threshold (25/100 sweeps). ½ lb of acephate and 6 oz. of Diamond were recommended to control these pests.

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