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Cotton Research Verification Update
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

General Comments: This week could be summed up in two words: HOT and DRY!!! All of the cotton verification fields are loading up well and fruit retention is high in many areas. This along with the high temperatures has caused increased demand for water in most parts of the state. The increased fruit retention has also caused cotton to be shorter in some parts of the state. The Clay County field has total fruit retention of 91% and the Craighead County field has 92% total fruit retention. This has allowed me to delay PGR applications in these fields that we would otherwise be recommending a PGR with the insecticide applications.
The Clay, Craighead, St. Francis, and Lee County fields have all began to bloom. The nodes above the first white flower counts this week have run about 8 nodes. Ideally the count should average 9 nodes at the first white flower. This could indicate that plants could be under some stress due to the heat and dry weather so PGR applications at this time may cause some further stress and shorter plants.
The following fields needed an application other than irrigation this week:
Clay- Variety ST 5458 B2RF Plant bug numbers were at economic threshold this week. Since the field is now at bloom ½ lb of Orthene and 6 oz. of Diamond were recommended. This field is bordered on two sides by corn that is starting to enter the brown silk stage so we will still monitor the plant bug situation in these areas closely over the coming weeks.
Desha- Variety FM 1944 GLB2 The Desha County field had to be replanted earlier in the month due to a herbicide issue. It is at the fourth leaf stage and growing well. After an irrigation application some pigweed and some seedling grasses were starting to emerge. 29 oz. of Liberty and 1 pint of Dual was recommended to address this issue.

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