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Corn insect update: Southwestern corn borers emerging
Author: Glenn Studebaker, Extension Entomologist/IPM Coordinator

Southwestern corn borer moths are starting pick up in traps in some areas of the state. At this time the hotspots appear to be around Lee county and north Jefferson county. We expected with the early spring and hot weather this season that this emergence might occur a little earlier than usual, but it looks like they are coming out when they normally do. Many fields in the southern part of the state are early and past the point that borers are of any concern at this time. Corn borers do not need to be controlled in Bt corn hybrids. However, any non-Bt corn that was planted late will be very attractive to these moths and should be watched. The treatment threshold for this pest is 25% infestation. It takes about 3-5 days for eggs to hatch and then larva will feed on the leaves of the plant for several days before entering the stem. Once borers enter the stem, control with a foliar insecticide is impossible. Therefore, applications should be applied before larvae enter the stem. Belt, Intrepid, Prevathon and Beseige are several good residual insecticides that give excellent long lasting control. With any of these products the length of residual depends on the rate used. The higher the rate, the longer the residual. A list of rates and recommended insecticides can be found in the corn section of MP144 Insecticide Recommendations for Arkansas.

Southwestern corn borer

Southwestern corn borer


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