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Soybean Research Verification Program Weekly Update – June 4, 2012
Author: Chris Grimes, Program Associate - Soybean/Wheat Verification Coordinator

There are 21 fields enrolled in the Soybean Research Verification Program this year and they range from not planted to R1. Hopefully the remaining 4 fields will be planted this week. Rainfall was scattered last week with some of the fields receiving a good rain while others received nothing. Irrigation has been started on some the fields while others are being prepared for irrigation. Weed control has been a challenge this year, but we have them relatively clean now. Insect and disease pressure hasn’t been a problem so far.

June 4, 2012 SRVP Weekly Update
CountyVariety StageGeneral Information
Arkansas-1HBK 5221V6The field looks good and has had two good rains since applying Sequence. An application of glyphosate plus Classic is planned. Two inches of rain was received last Tuesday.
Arkansas-2Halo 4:94V11-R2The field was irrigated the first week of June and received 2 inches of rainfall last Tuesday. Weed control has been very good.
ChicotOzark & OsageV6Classic was applied at ½ oz/A on June 10, and most of the field was plowed prior to 3.5 inches of rainfall on last Tuesday.
Conway (DC)VEField was planted on 6-9-12. Field was irrigated before planting to get moisture for germination and emergence. Field was clean this week, and we are planning on applying Metolchlor with are first Roundup application.
Crittenden-1Halo 4:65V6Field received 0.6" rain on 6-11 and looks good. Recommended 32oz/A of Liberty to clean up the escaped pigweed. Prefix is still holding weeds back. Irrigation sceduler is calling for irrigation on 6-21if no rain is received. No insect or disease pressure this week.
Crittenden-2Halo 4:65V10-R3Field received 0.5" rain since last visit. Field is growing well and looks good. Weed pressure is very light except for some patches of grass on north end. Irrigation scheduler is callng for irrigation on 6-17-12. Going to start irrigation on 6-18-12. No insect or disease pressure.
CrossProgeny 4807V3 Field is up to a good stand (157,000 plants/A). Field is still clean this week. Moisture is leaving quickly, and we need a rain to keep the field going. Overall the field looks good and is off to a good start.
DeshaArmor 47R44V10-R2Weed control is good, and the field has been irrigated once. It received 3 inches of rain last Tuesday.
DrewArmor 47R44V12-R3The field has been irrigated once and received 3 inches of rain Tuesday. We are trying to run a layby rig through with glyphosate + Dual for residual grass control.
Faulkner (DC)Halo 5:25Field was planted on 6-13-12. Recommended Treflan PPI.
GreeneAG 4907VE-VCField was planted on 6-9-12.
LafayetteDelta Grow 4880V11-R2The field has been irrigated once, and weed control is very good. It received 0.8 inches of rain last Tuesday.
LawrencePio 94Y40V7-R2Field received 0.25" rain since last week. Field continues to progress well. No insect or disease pressure this week. Irrigation scheduler is recommending irrigation on 6-16-12 if no rain is received.
LincolnHalo 5:651 qt. glyphosate + 1 qt. paraquat + 1.3 pts. Dual was applied Sunday, with planting to be on Monday. We will time the first application of Liberty for newly emerged pigweed.
MillerPio 94Y40V9-R2Roundup PowerMax + Classic was applied on June 5 with good control. The field received 1.4 inches of rain last Tuesday.
MississippiOsageV9Field received 0.1” of rainfall since last week. The Select Max is doing a good job on the emerged grass. Field looks good this week. Irrigation scheduler is calling for irrigation 6-18-12.
Phillips-1Pio 94Y70V12-R2Drilled beans are near lapping now, and we continue to hoe escaped pigweed. It has been irrigated once and received two good rain events during the past two weeks.
Phillips-2UA 4910V12-R2This conventional variety looks very good, and we have had no pigweed escapes to date. It has been irrigated once and is near lapping now.
PoinsettArmor 48R40V7-R2Field received .2" of rain on 6-11. Recommended getting the levees marked and pulled for irrigation. The grass is dying from the Roundup application. No insect or disease pressure this week.
PrairieUA 4910V7-R2The field received about 0.8" of rain on 5-31-12. We rolled the polypipe out and began irrigating on 6-4-12 and got 0.8" rainfall that afternoon. No insect or disease pressure.

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