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Filing a crop insurance claim
Author: Harrison M. Pittman, Director-National Ag Law Center

Federal crop insurance is an important risk management tool for farmers throughout the United States, and an expanded federal crop insurance program may replace many of the traditional “safety net” farm programs that are of great economic significance to agricultural producers in the southeastern U.S.

As such, federal crop insurance appears to have emerged as a mainstay of farm risk management and future farm policy for directly affecting agricultural producers. Once a loss occurs, farmers may have difficulty navigating the claims process, especially given some of the complexities associated with crop insurance policies.

The National Agricultural Law Center has published an article, Filing a Crop Insurance Claim: An Overview for Producers, that provides information on some of the legal and other issues a producer should consider in handling a loss claim under the federal crop insurance program. The article is authored by Grant Ballard, National Agricultural Law Research Center Research Consultant and associate with the Banks Law Firm, PLLC.

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