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Corn and Grain Sorghum Research Verification Program Weekly Update – May 7, 2012
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

Corn – All of the Corn Verification Cooperators have done a great job being on top of irrigation this year.  A few fields have received that initial irrigation while others will begin this week.  The average date of the first irrigation last year in the verification program was May 27 and the average growth stage was V8.  This year irrigation is starting around May 4 and the average growth stage is V5.5.  The average growth stage for fields on this date in 2011 was V4.5, with one field not even planted yet!  What a difference a year makes.

Grain Sorghum – The grain sorghum fields are looking good and enjoying this hot weather!  The field in St Francis county needs a rain soon to help it along.  The field in Desha County is recovering from the gramoxone drift and was fertilized.  Irrigation is not far off for this field if it doesn’t rain.

May 7, 2012 CGSRVP Weekly Update
CountyHybrid StageHeightGeneral Information
ArkansasTerral REV 28HR20V611 inField received the initial irrigation.
ClayPioneer P2088HRV47.5 inRecommended 1.5 quarts of Atrazine plus 1 quart of Glyphosate, followed by setting up polypipe for irrigation.
DeshaDeKalb DKC 66-96V612 inField received the initial irrigation.
DrewDeKalb DKC 64-69V613 inApplied 400 lbs (184 units N) of Urea. Field is being set up for irrigation.
Pioneer 2088HRV47 inRecommended applying 275 lbs (127 units N) of Urea and plowing it in. Then apply 3.6 pts of Halex GT plus 1.5 quarts of Atrazine, and then lay out polypipe and prepare to irrigate.
PoinsettArmor 1262DPROV612 inRecommended an irrigation if no rain.
PrairieDeKalb DKC 64-69V612 inPolypipe is laid and waiting on irrigation to start.
 Grain Sorghum
DeshaPioneer 84G62V610 inApplied 150 lbs (69 units N) of Urea and 100 lbs (21 units N) of Ammonium Sulfate. Field is recovering from gramoxone drift nicely. Recommended 1.3 qts of Atrazine plus oil and prepare for irrigation.
St FrancisPioneer
V55 inField is non irrigated and needs a rain.

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