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Attention Soybean Consultants and Growers: Free Subscriptions to Plant Management Network Available
Author: Kim Rowe, Program Associate

As part of its technology transfer efforts, the United Soybean Board purchased 500 one-year subscriptions to the Plant Management Network (PMN) for soybean growers and the consultants who work for them. These subscriptions are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and are intended for first-time subscribers.  There are only 500 subscriptions available on a first come, first serve basis.

This subscription includes access to PMN’s entire collection of “Focus on Soybeans” webcasts. More than 50 soybean webcasts have been produced to date, and they feature actionable crop management information from experts who work in the field. PMN subscriptions also include access to nearly 8,000 fungicide, nematicide, insecticide, and biological control trials; more than 1,000 applied crop management research articles; nearly 3,000 crop management news articles; about 5,000 images; tens of thousands of extension documents, and other information useful for growers and consultants. All of this is located through in one central website and searchable by keyword.

You can sign up for a free one-year subscription to all the Plant Management Network’s content through the signup form at the following short link: . Those who fill out the form will be allowed access to the site through a username and password of their choosing.

Once subscribed, users will receive article alerts once a month in the form of PMN’s Update newsletter. Subscriber-only content can be accessed through the username and password.

Only 500 subscriptions are available, so readers are encouraged to sign up for their free username and password as soon as possible. View PMN’s entire collection of soybean-inclusive resources at: .

Please contact Phil Bogdan, Communications Manager, Plant Management Network International
with any questions at:  (651) 994-3859

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